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Aeromexico is a Mexican airline headquartered in Mexico City International Airport and at Monterrey International Airport. It is the largest airline in the nation of Mexico and operates on the ideology of uniting travelers from across the world. Operated from Terminal 2 of the International airport of Mexico City, it carries more than 600 aircrafts daily. Covering 46 destinations across Mexico, it is operating more scheduled passenger flights per day than any other Mexican airline. Our airline provides its service to 46 destinations in Mexico, 16 in the remaining part of Latin America, 3 destinations in Canada, 16 in the USA and 3 & 2 destinations in the continents of Europe and Asia respectively.

About Aeromexico Airlines:

Founded in 1934, the airline serves over 80 destinations on 4 continents, including Mexico, Europe, Canada, United States, Latin America, and Asia. The first ever flight operated by Aeromexico Airlines was the Stinson Sr Reliant 5A.

In recent years Aeromexico has started to develop new international markets, in order to attempt to gain a greater worldwide presence and to strengthen its network.

How To Choose The Best Airlines?

The task of choosing an airline is the most difficult aspect of travel. Most of the airlines are differentiated on the basis of the following points:

  • Services offered by flights
  • Ease of check in
  • Price

Aeromexico provides diverse on-board amenities; which are listed down here:

1. Chow Down: Food and Drink

Sharing food with family and friends is a core value which was imbibed by Mexicans from the very beginning. And Mexicans hold this custom extremely close to their hearts. That’s why Aeromexico offers free meals and beverages including Tequila to their passengers post 11 AM on each flight operated by them. Because Aeromexico main destination is Mexico, tequila is served complimentary on all flights. Flights that are 3 hours or less serve a snack like pastries and cookies, while flights up to six hours include a warm meal. For the passengers who are for longer routes, they are offered free meals along with a choice of beverage. The best part is on board menu is prepared by world - renowned chef Enrique Olvera.

2. Fly anywhere is Latin America

The airlines have accessibility to more than 80 destinations in Latin America and hence passengers can choose a flight and destinations not based on the availability but on their convenience. You can fly anytime and anywhere in Latin America. So book your flights now and avail prime services.

3. Delayed or lost your luggage...? Fly Free with Aeromexico Airlines

Have you lost your luggage or your flight delayed? No need to worry. Aeromexico Airlines Reservations has you covered. Whether you are traveling for the first time or seasoned, flying can take a toll on anybody. If the flying experience is not pleasant for you, you can desperately seek the help of Aeromexico Airlines. A passenger can easily get connected with the customer support team. The team is always ready to assist you from flight ticket bookings, to ticket prices, airlines reservations, check-ins, flight delays, lost luggage and any other trivial things.

The Aeromexico Airlines Reservation Number remains in service throughout 24*7. So passengers need not to worry about any inconveniences including the comfort of their travel.

4. Provides Special Assistance

As the largest airlines in Mexico, our team is also ready for special assistance. Oxygen supply service, stretchers and passenger-provided incubators are also given to the passengers.

Wheelchair Service

Aeromexico Airlines offers wheelchair services from the check-in counters, to your seat in the aircraft. Upon arrival to your destination, our team will take you to your connecting flight. If you need, they can assist in the completion of your arrival, including reclaiming your checked baggage.


If a passenger needs this service, he/ she can call on our customer service center number.

Serious Illnesses

If a passenger is suffering from any condition which requires travel, they can call us on the customer support number. In that case, passengers are allowed to carry a pair of crutches, a folding wheelchair, or any orthopedic devices you require for mobility.

5. Get Easy Check In And Stay A Step Forward With Others

Checking in to your flight can sometimes be the most difficult part of your trip. But this is not in Aeromexico Airlines. Follow these simple steps to avoid the time-consuming hassle and check-in online! How? Here’s how to do it:

Web Check-in:


For international flights, online check-in is available up to 24 hours prior to departure. And the flights within Mexico, check-in is available up to 48 hours prior to departure.

Take A Glance At The Steps That You Have To Follow:

You should login with your ‘Club Premier’ account.

If you don’t have one, go ahead and enter your ticket or reservation number and your last name. Your reservation should appear!

Airport Check-in

For international flights, you can check-in at the airport from 24 to 48 hours prior to departure and up to 2 hours prior to departure for flights within Mexico. To speed-up the airport check-in process, self-service check-in kiosks are also available at airports.

Mobile Check-in:

For mobile check-in, follow these simple steps:

  • First of all, you should open your Aeromexico app and login with your Club Premier account. 
  • A ‘My Trips’ button appears (The second option in your bottom menu) that you should press.  
  • Click on Add Trip and enter your ticket number or reservation or number and your last name. 
  • Your reservation should appear!
  • Click on Check-in now

Once you've accessed the system follow these 5 simple steps.

  • Step 1: Fill in the requested info such as name, email, and DOB. For international flights, fill the following information passport number and expiration date.
  • Step 2: Choose your seat. Here you can also upgrade to AM Plus, Clase Premier, or Preferred seats for an additional cost.
  • Step 3: Select how many pieces of checked baggage you’re taking with you. You can purchase additional baggage here, and find out about baggage policies by clicking on “Do you have special baggage?”
  • Step 4: Add trip extras to your booking. You can choose to add diverse extras such as Concierge or Fly Green to offset your carbon footprint.
  • Step 5: If you have added any extras to your booking, enter your payment details. If not, you should have your boarding pass!

All these methods of Aeromexico check-in certainly have their advantage over the physical method of check-in. Passengers do not have to rush through the immigration process even if they are too late to catch the flight.

However, it is advisable to keep confirming the flight status even after check-in just to avoid face to face with any inconveniences.

6. Baggage:

Everything you need to know about baggage policies so you can take a load off. The policy stating the baggage varies from one airline to another. In order to ensure that you have the best travel experience, it is recommended that you should go through the Aeromexico Baggage Policy. The main point should be followed: Baggage allowance depends on the fare chosen and the origin & destination of the journey made. Passenger can also now book baggage onto your flight at the time of booking.

Carry-on Baggage:

The cabin fare includes one standard piece of carry-on baggage, including one personal item, which can be carried into the cabin. The dimensions for the personal item and standard baggage item should be maximum of 55cm x 40cm x 25cm (21.5 in x 15.7 in x 10 in).

The standard baggage item and personal item each need to have the maximum dimensions of 55cm x 40cm x 25cm (21.5 in x 15.7 in x 10 in).

Checked Baggage

As a part of Aeromexico Checked Baggage Policy, please note that all checked bags must measure up to the max linear dimensions of 62 inches (158 cm). Excess baggage fees will apply for oversized bags.

Check Out The Items That Airlines Prohibit Its Passengers:

  • Poached/ trophy animals
  • Enamel paints
  • Acids and corrosive substances
  • Wet batteries
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Combustible materials, etc

Apart from this, here are few items which you can carry:

  • Wines and spirits
  • Oxygen concentrators
  • Needles and syringes
  • Electronic devices
  • Fragile items
  • Medications
  • Official documents

Note: this is a partial list of items that are allowed to carry by passengers. For more info, you can take assistance from Aeromexico helpline number.

7. Unwind the In-Flight Entertainment

Any passenger knows that long flights can be tedious and boring, so it's important to have something to pass the time. Luckily, Aeromexico provides in-flight entertainment on its flights. This includes music, movies and TV shows which you can play on-demand on your seat-back screen. On some flights, with the free Wi-Fi, travelers can stream movies and TV episodes to their own device for free. Find a complete list of the entertainment selection on the airline's website. Moreover, you can also get benefited with magazines, available in both bilingual in English and Spanish.

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