The printer is a basic required of everyone which is not only used in offices today but is used in our homes too. Due to the digital and smart class atmosphere printers are high in demand. They were huge and not accessible to all in the ’90s but now in this digital world, they have also become company and portable. To make its proper utilization, you must make its proper use for which you have to install and interface it with your hardware system. One such known printer today is Brother HL -2270 DW. They offer wireless setup and compatible driver installation within a couple of minutes. Today, we’ll discuss on How To Install Brother HL -2270 DW Wireless Setup? The following steps will assist you in installing the drivers  and wireless setup without any hindrance:

Steps For Brother HL -2270 DW Wireless Setup And Driver Installation,

To Install Driver

  • Open your disc drive first and insert the disc carefully
  • Tap “HL – 2270 DW” option
  • Choose and Click “language of your own”
  • press “install printer driver”
  • Type “yes” option under “terms and conditions”
  • Type, “click wireless network connection” button under connection and then click “next”
  • tap“brother peer to peer network printer” button and then click “next”
  • press “change on the firewall port settings to enable network connection and continue with the installation” button
  • And click “next”
  • Tap “no” Under setting up wireless, and click next
  • Press “next” before confirming the settings below
  • tap“temporarily use a USB cable” button under the wireless settings and press “next” option
  • Now connect your device and the computer using a USB cable
  • Installation confirmation and you’re new hardware is installed and ready to use.

For wireless setup

  • Tap the “yes” button under the option “would you like to connect to the wireless network using these settings?” and click next
  • Disconnect the USB cable between your computer and the device
  • You have completed the wireless network setup
  • Please tap “next” to continue installing the drivers and software
  • Choose the brother machine (HL – 2270 DW) you want to install and click “next”
  • Tap “Next” to continue with the installation in “user guides”
  • Click “next” under the online registration
  • Under set up, complete click “enable the network connection repair tool” and click “finish”
  • Tap “receive information for all firmware updates” button under  check for firmware updates and finally
  • Click “ok”


For easy wireless setup and driver installation, you can follow our procedure. This will definitely help you in performing the activity within a few minutes. If you are stuck at some point then you can send your feedback and suggestions to us. We will definitely revery you back on the same.

How To Install Brother HL -2270 DW Wireless Setup?

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