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Call us to get the answer of why can't I delete messages on facebook messenger?

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Facebook messenger is one of the best features of Facebook that lets you chat with the friends in your list. Through this messenger, you can also share videos and photos with your friends. Along with this, you’re free to put stories on your status of FB account. Using FB messenger is very simple and quick. FB messenger comes with a number of benefits. This app allows the users to chat with each without making use of the social media account. The best part of this messenger is that on deactivation of FB account, you’ll remain active on messenger. Another important benefit of this messenger is that you can chat with a distant person without paying any charges. So, you can send messages in bulk to many friends. To get started with messenger service, all you need is an FB username and password.

For a new user, it might appear a bit confusing. Many times, it has been seen that people find it difficult in deleting messenger. Have you ever faced this problem? Tired of this technical problem? You can get an answer of why can't I delete messages on facebook messenger from our technical experts. For assistance on messenger message deletion, clients can call the team of experts any time any hour.

If you’re a new user of messenger and facing problems in deleting the messages then try out these steps:

For deleting a particular message or photo, you need to do:

  • Open the conversation on the FB messenger
  • Now, tap and hold the message that you'd like to delete. Holding the message will open a menu at the bottom.
  • From the menu, Tap on the Delete. This will delete your message in no time.

For deleting the message conversation on Android and iPhone devices:

  • Open the “Home” tab and view your message conversations
  • Now, press and hold the conversation which you want to delete.
  • After this, tap on delete and then tap on the delete conversations.

Following these simple procedure, you’ll be able to delete all the messages permanently from FB messenger. If you’re still facing any issues then consider availing customer support service. A team of experts will guide you about the issues and their instant solution. For further query or assistance, contact the techies through toll-free helpline number.