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Facebook Help: Go For a Privacy Checkup for Facebook Account

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As everyone is aware of the fact that privacy as well as security on Facebook is a grave matter of concern, without a robust security, you won’t be able to work on Facebook in a safe manner. You are required choose the best and reliable source in order to get guidance for the purpose. However, Facebook doesn’t provide such support services to its users so you have to go with third party Facebook Help for security and privacy purposes.

In order to perform a privacy checkup on Facebook, you are required to walk through these steps in a proper manner.

On Android Device

  • You are required to click on Facebook app.
  • Go to settings icon and scroll down to look for ‘Privacy Shortcuts’.
  • Once it is done, opt for ‘Privacy Checkup’.

On Desktop: 

  • First off, you need to login your Facebook account.
  • Go to ‘lock’ icon and select ‘privacy checkup’ in a careful manner.

On IOS Device:

  • First, you need to tap ‘Settings’ on any page of Facebook account.
  • Go to ‘Privacy Shortcuts’ from the list and then opt for ‘Privacy Checkup’.

You will be finely able to select audience for your content. In addition to this, you can edit basic information as well as adjust privacy settings. In case of any kind of problems regarding the same, it would be wise to opt for Facebook Help Chat facility to get the feasible solution at your doorstep.