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Feel free to contact the experts regarding why Facebook wants my id.

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Facebook has a huge number of users who upload their photos, status and share contents every day. To maintain the privacy of the contents of the users is the main responsibility of the Facebook account. In terms of account security, FB has left no stone unturned. FB has made its account hack proof by introducing various features and security alerts. Many users might have faced the problem of “Facebook wants my id”. This is just for maintaining the privacy and security of the user’s account. To prevent cyber attacks with face account, this step has been taken by the social media platforms. Users can upload their identity proof with just a few clicks. In case the users are new or they don’t know how to proceed then technical customer support is the best option.

Here are the easy steps that’ll let you upload the ID instantly without any hassle:

  • You need your ID proof
  • Scan the ID or you can also take a close-up photo of your ID
  • Scan the Photo of ID and save it in your computer
  • You’ll get on-screen instructions, just follow them for uploading your ID successfully.

Just a few clicks and you’re done. If you’re getting any technical issues in uploading the ID, you can get technical help from the experts. A team of professionals knows how to tackle Facebook wants my id issue in no time.

Your ID will be safe and Facebook won’t use it anywhere. Once the ID uploading is done, the ID is then stored for encrypting it further. The best part about this ID uploading is that your ID won’t be visible to anyone. The copy of your ID will be kept secured with Facebook. The main reason why Facebook asks for ID is that it will help in preventing abuse and cyber crimes. ID updating on the Facebook will also help in preventing foreign political interference and scams. User’s ID is basically asked for detecting the fake accounts involved in abuse. But, it is completely up FB user’s that if they want to upload their ID or not. If users don’t want to continue with this then they can change the “Identity Confirmation Settings”. Once you change the setting or switch off the option, the copy of your ID will also be deleted after 30 days.