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Get help for your advertising account at facebook customer service

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In this new era of facebook advertising to increase you market value or brand value the competition is growing at a very rapid rate. Any sought of lag in your facebook ad sets or campaign can bring you down from the peak so it is necessary to be aware of every glitch and be acquainted with the professional who could correct it instantly so that you don’t incur any loss. We are a third party service provider of facebook with a big team of highly qualified technical professionals at facebook customer service, working 24 hoursx365 days. We are getting too many queries relative to troubleshooting facebook ads so we have given detailed info on the most prominent issue being reported.

Not recognizing activity on your advertising account? Ask help at facebook customer service number

In the case you are not able to recognize the activity on your advertising account we have provided some simple steps which you can take if you wish to know about incurring charges & what may have caused them:

  • Look for your payment history
  • Look for your daily budget/ lifetime budget

Look for your payment history

You can get to see all the Ad account’s billing information from the billing section of the Ads Manager. At the point when you will go over there you can get to see your payment history as well as get the receipts for payments you have made for your ads. The receipts you will get will depict you everything including the amount you paid, the time at which you paid, method of payment as well as which ads you spent money on.

Look for your daily budget/ lifetime budget

  • Daily budget: This is the average sum you're willing to spend on a particular campaign or ad set each day. Every Ad set will have a different plan, so remember this on the off chance that you have in excess of one dynamic advertisement set in your account.
  • Lifetime budget: This is the sum you're willing to invest over the whole run-time of your campaign or advertisement set. The framework will consequently endeavor to equally spread the sum you invest over the period of time that you've chosen.

In the case you had previously set the daily budget but now you set a lifetime budget (or vice versa), both the bills will be completely different than expected.

If you have any other query with respect to the above mentioned topic do consult us without any hesitation at facebook contact number.