How do you contact Facebook customer service?

Are you getting trouble in using your Facebook account?

Are you getting into trouble when trying to recover the Facebook account, or when you are trying to resolve any other Facebook issues?

If so, then this blog is for you.

There are so many ways to get rid of most of the Facebook related issues, however, but sometimes they may not work for you perfectly and in such cases, you may need to contact Facebook customer care. But, the major problem that most of us face is that we don’t know how to contact Facebook in order to get help.

So, I am here to help you with getting rid of this most common problem.

Let’s have a look

How To Contact Facebook Customer Service

You have basically two ways to contact Facebook customer support. The first one is that you can directly contact the Facebook official help center, and the second one is that you can get help from any third party. Each of these two has its own merits and demerits, and you can go with any of them accordingly. Therefore, it’s very important for you to know the advantages and disadvantages of these two.

Advantages Of Official Facebook Help Center

If you contact facebook official support to get help to fix any facebook related issue, then you are never at risk of leaking some of your personal data that you may not want to share publically. Secondly, you will be sure to get the most trustworthy support, and there will not be any chance of account hack. Also, Facebook do you use your account for marketing purposes until you don’t permit them directly or indirectly.

Disadvantages Of Official Facebook Customer Service

Getting help from the Facebook official help web page or Facebook official phone number is more preferred though, but it has some major disadvantages too. That’s are:-


  1. Due to high traffic, it’s not easy to contact Facebook customer care so easily. It may be troublesome for you if you need urgent help to fix some issues on your Facebook.
  2. It has been found that Facebook does not go deep to help you in solving your issues. They only provide you some basic help. Most of the users have a complaint that Facebook did not help them in recovering their account back.
  3. They take a comparatively longer time to reply to your queries.

Method to Contact Official Facebook Customer Service

Contacting the official Facebook customer service is quite simple. The most common and well-known way to contact Facebook is to get help from the Facebook Help Center. There you can get most of the information that may help you in fixing your issues. Also, if you are logged into your account, you may directly report your problem to them. Unfortunately, there’s not any to contact Facebook directly.

Now, coming to the point of why you should go with the third party to fix your Facebook related issues, or why you should not.

Advantages Of Facebook Third-Party Support

  1. Compared to Official Facebook support, they take comparatively lesser time to short out your issues.
  2. They make all possible attempts to fix your issues, and they go deeper as they can to resolve your Facebook related issues.
  3. You may contact them 24X7X365.

Disadvantages Of Facebook Third-Party Support

  1. They may use your details for marketing purposes, without your permission.
  2. They may leak the valuable facebook data that you may not want to share with all.
  3. You may face “Facebook Hacked Issue”.
  4. There are a lot of other scams that you may get when trying to take help from any third party.

So, If you are taking help from the third party, it’s very important to know which one is most trustworthy, and which is not.

As per my experience, Montech Solution is the best & trustworthy one in this arena. They have been supporting clients from the last many years, and you may never find any complaint against them.

I hope this blog may help you perfectly. Feel free to ask your queries through the comment box below.

Have a good time. 🙂


How do you contact Facebook customer service?

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