how to delete facebook messages

Facebook is a social networking site that is known for sharing pictures, text, videos and a lot more. Fb is used by millions of people and is still increasing day by day. Facebook not only helps in staying connected but also helps in keeping us busy and happy all the time. By using the app you can do many things and can send to your loved ones. If your inbox is filled with messages and you want to delete it then there is an option to Delete Facebook Messages. On thing, you must note that you can only delete one conversation at a time. Facebook offers so many facilities for users to stay connected with all their loved ones.  If you don’t  know How To Delete Facebook Messages then follow the steps precisely:

Steps To Delete Facebook Messages

At first, open your search browser on your device and after that type in the search box and then hit the enter button.

Thereafter the Facebook login page will get open. In the login page enter an email address or phone number and password.

After entering the login details click on the login tab.

facebook sign up

On clicking the tab Fb homepage will get open from there click on the message icon.

Facebook Message

After that open the conversation which you want to delete.

Then from the conversation page click on the Action tab.

On clicking the tab dropdown will appear from there click on the “delete message” option.delete message

After that select the message which you want to delete and after that click on the Delete tab.message delete

On clicking the delete option one pop will appear read the message mentioned on it and then later click on the “Delete Message” button. On clicking the tab your Facebook message will get deleted.

These were the steps that would help you on How To Delete Facebook Messages. A new facebook user will definitely get assistance from the steps that we’ve mentioned in our write-up. You can ask for security by keeping your account safe from hackers. There is also a provision to delete a complete conversation for which we’ll be giving you the steps to do so.

Conversations or messages deleted from your facebook inbox doesn’t mean that it will also be deleted from your friend’s inbox. Note one thing in mind that you can only delete one conversation at a time. There is no provision for you to Delete Facebook conversation at the same time.


After following the information that we’ve mentioned helped you out somehow or the other then we will succeed in giving the precise information to our valuable viewers. You can mention and suggest your views on deleting facebook messages. Your feedback means a lot to us.

How To Delete Facebook Messages?

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