Apple wallet is a secure payment app for Apple device users. The objective of designing this wallet was to let users switch consumers away from physical wallets. Owing to the availability of Apple wallet, your debit and credit cards are electronically stored on your iPhone or Apple watch. It allows you to make payment using your device in spite of a card. If you want to know how to use Apple Wallet on an iPhone, then read the description below. Apple Pay is a very secure & contactless payment technology for Apple Devices.

How to Use Apple Wallet on iPhone?

  • The methods of using Apple pay wallet depends on which iPhone model you are using. On iPhone 6 and later versions, it requires an NFC antenna and touches ID.
  • While doing any transaction, you need to authorize it either through touch id, face id or passcode.
  • Iphones with touch id need double tapping of the home button, and putting your finger on the screen until it says, “hold near reader”.
  • You can go for “pay with a passcode” option, in case the phone does not recognize the fingerprint.
  • If you’ve iPhone with Face ID, and you want to launch the apple pay, then press the sleep/wake button on the right side of the iPhone. Once authorization is successful, you will find a screen saying, “Hold Near Reader”
  • Now, when you place your iPhone near a contactless terminal, payment is done with a slight vibration.
  • To check the latest transactions, a receipt is recorded in the wallet app.

Steps To Use Apple Pay With Watch

  • For launching Apple pay on your apple watch, just double click button under the digital crown.
  • Doing this, you will see a default payment card with the message “hold near reader to pay”.
  • Now, you can place your watch up to the payment terminal. A pulse & beep means your payment is done.
  • If you want to see other registered cards, then you can swipe right to left on display of your apple watch.
  • Apple Wallet Pay Also Works with US federal pay

Other Ways To Use Apple Pay

iPhone apps also work with Apple Pay, it means you can choose Apple Pay during checkout while ordering anything from an app. In this case, as well, you will need authentication through touch id or face ID during payment.

Important points:

  • It can also be used via the safari browser.
  • Apple Wallet Pay is available over 40 Countries
  • It works with iPhone 6 & latest models, iPad Pro & newer models, and apple watch series1 and newer.
  • Apple pay is secure, as it does not store your card numbers on its servers. Recent purchases are securely stored in the Apple wallet

Which Banks & Cards are supported by Apple Pay?

Apple Wallet supports most credit & debit card providers like master card, visa, American Express, etc. Work with Apple Wallet, you need to use a participating bank; Almost every bank supports Apple pay.

How To Use Apple Wallet?
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