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Perform multiple Gmail logins at a time. Land on Gmail login page without even signing out

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At first I would like to bring some lime light on the face that there is no need to have multiple Gmail account. You should feel happy to know that you can do all your work through your single account. You can access all the Google products through this one Gmail account of yours. But now when you already have more than one accounts, you can also easily access them at a single time. You have this facility on Gmail app and on the web browser as well. You can save lots of time through this facility of Google.

You can simple keep on adding all your account with the one that is your primary, which you use the most. Once you have decided to add another account to your dashboard, you should click on the icon of your account. In the bottom of the dropdown menu you will get an option of “Add account”. Clicking on this icon you will be directed to Gmail login page. Please rest assured at this phase. The Gmail account you were using is safely logged in. You haven’t performed a sing out. Now you can now enter the credentials of your account and add your account.

If you still have some interest in executing all your work though one single account in a more convenient manner, you can choose add different categories to your mail and live a happy mailing life. With one Gmail login you can do all your work. Doesn’t that sound interesting? So learn to add different categories of mail to your single Gmail account.

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