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The modern financial technologies have an immense impact over the people’s lives. They are great savoir of time during the hectic day to day hectic schedule. Especially, if people have less time to access the traditional banking services, they usually tend to access the online payment services such as Cash App. However, during the time of current pandemic, the cash app with other payment services has emerged as great sources to receive stimulus check on the cash App.

However, the cash app allows people to receive their payments in just like traditional banking services. A user needs to set up a direct deposit account to the cash app, before providing details to the concerned entity. These details involve the accounting number as well as routing number which are easily accessible on the cash app.

Unfortunately, some users had some problems with the Cash app on some occasions. Their direct deposit can highlight the status of pending.

Why is my stimulus check pending on cash App?

Often, when a direct deposit doesn’t occur as planned, it only takes a few extra days to process it. This could be due to holidays or the order to transfer money falsely sent out after working hours. The money will show up a few days later than usual. During this time, compile all the information you can need to address a problem, such as your account number.

Besides, there are some functional and operational problems that cash app need to have in mind.

Implement these viable solutions if your payment is pending on cash app

Other than technical issues, which may halt your cash app payment to be credited into the cash app direct deposit or cash app account. There are certain limitations that can be an issue while some try to receive amount in the cash app. The Cash App enables user you to receive up to $1,000 a month with an unverified account. Similarly, the Cash app requires consumers to transfer $250.00 a week with the same condition. However, it is possible for a user to increase this limit by making a request to the cash app.

Verify your account to raise your limit on transactions while using cash app

Once you cross the cash app sending or receiving limits which stands at $250 for a week and $1000 for a month while using an unverified account. The cash app prompts you to verify your identity. The cash app will immediately take you to the verification tab after you choose to cross these stipulated limits.

The cash app requires you to provide your contact information, including your full name, date of birth and the last four digits of your Social Security number. And, once you provide these details, the cash app enables the higher limits for the sending and receiving money with the help of cash app.

You can receive an unlimited amount of money and your sending limits will increase to the $7,500 per week.

Besides, you can access verification section under the profile where you can provide your details.

Once, you would be able to increase the limit of cash app. It would be easy to get your stimulus check on the cash App easily.

However, if there is still no success for you, you can contact cash app for more help.

Contact the cash app support

You can raise your concern to the cash app support team. They take the appropriate actions to resolve the issues. Here are the steps to contact the Cash App through cash application:

  • Access the profile icon available on your Cash App home screen and tap on it
  • Once click on the “Support”
  • Choose the Something Else
  • Select your issue from the options provided.

You should select a relevant option if you there is no straight option for such issues. And, wait for a viable solution from the cash app support team.

Implement these valuable hacks if you have a pending stimulus check on cash app

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