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Nowadays the trend to publicize your brand, thought, group or profession on facebook via making a page of it has grown strikingly. People make pages to share their sentiments, feelings, rage or memories but the ulterior motive of all this is to gain popularity. Only the motives won’t serve your purpose unless you don’t know about tactics to grow your page as well as solve the glitches being encountered time to time. Here we come into play, whatever your need is we are here to help you with your every query related to facebook either it is of growing your page’s popularity or solving any glitch instantly. We are here at facebook customer service to provide you best possible solution to every problem. We have given answer to few queries which are being asked to us frequently, if you have some other query do consult us at facebook customer service number

What to add service to your page?

If you are a page admin, you must list services on your Page so that your visitors get to know about your business offerings. If you have any query related to listing of services do let us know at our facebook contact number

If you wish to add services to your page, at first you need to add Services tab to your page which appears in the left column of your Page.

  1. Tap on Settings
  2. Thereby tap on “Edit Page” in the left column
  3. Then at the bottom and tap on “Add a Tab”
  4. Thereby adjacent to Services, tap on “Add Tab” and then tap on Close

Once you've added the tab to your Page, you can then add whatever services you want.

Now if you want to add services:

  1. Now come back to the homepage of your Page and tap Services in the left column
  2. Tap on “Add a Service”
  3. Thereby fill up all the info about your service & then tap on Save
  4. Then if you wish to list another service, tap on “Add a Service”


Want to add an Impressum to you Page?

  1. Tap on “About”.
  2. Thereby tap on “Edit Page Info”.
  3. Look for “Impressum” section and fill up your info.
  4. At last tap on “Save Changes”.