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Hey! Are you a Facebook user? Need any kind of help regarding Facebook or have trouble in using the Facebook account? Get instant Facebook Help at your doorstep. Facebook is a social networking site to share the status as pictures, texts, videos or others. It was founded on February 4, 2015, about 15 years ago. The facebook is designed & developed in C++, PHP, D, and other programming languages to make its use easier for every user. To ensure easy usage by every its user, it is available in the multilingual language. Its subsidiaries are Instagram, WhatsApp, Oculus, and Calibra. As per December 2018, active users of Facebook has reached more 2.3 billion monthly.

Before login, you need to create an account first. Go for the below steps to create a Facebook account in a hassle-free manner:


  • 1. Open the Facebook homepage.
  • 2. Enter your required information.
  •     Enter your first name and last name.
  •     Enter an email address.
  •     Enter a strong password of alphanumeric & symbols combinations and enter it again correctly.
  •     Then, select month, day and year of your birth.
  •     Choose gender, either Male or Female.
  • 3. Click on the "Sign Up" button.
  • 4. Open the verification email.
  • Then, more to steps to login Facebook account:

  • 1.Firstly, you need to open the Facebook homepage.
  • 2.Enter your Email Id or Phone Number.
  • 3.Enter your Password.
  • 4.Choose whether you want to stay logged in or not.
  • 5.Lastly, click on “Log In”.

In case of any difficulty in creating or login Facebook account, make a call on the Facebook Contact Number.

One can effortlessly access Facebook services from any device with Internet connectivity like PCs, tablets, smartphones, laptops, etc. After registering & login Facebook, people can create a customized profile which reveals information about its user. A user can post with other users that are added into your Facebook account. Also, you can use embedded applications, receive notifications and join common interest groups.

The main aim is to bring up the world closer together. People can stay in touch with near and dear ones by using Facebook subsidiaries applications. They can share photos & updates, stay connected to important communities and engaged with connected friends & pages at one go.

Have a look at some incredible features of Facebook only power users know. You ‘re just a few clicks away to enjoy them.

The inbox you did not know you had: In the Facebook, there’s a “Message Requests” folder which contains unread messages. This is a folder where Facebook sends missives of the people who are not currently friends with you.

To review these messages:

  • At the top of the home screen, click on the Messenger icon.
  • Then, you will find yourself in the inbox “Recent” tab by default.
  • You will get a link “See filtered requests” after clicking.
  • Click on the link and it will display messages from strangers on Facebook.

If you want to know how you can contact Facebook by phone? Then you should join Facebook Customer Service. Here you will get all the required answers to your questions. The support team will offer you all the essential information. For example- first, you need to click on the page where you want to report. After that, you should click on the page's cover picture. In the next step, you need to choose to give feedback or report this page. If you want to give feedback, then you should click on another option.

If you have ever installed the Facebook mobile application on your mobile phone. After completing this, there was an option to sync your mobile contacts with a Facebook account. This enables you to make Facebook friends accept their numbers without having to see their Facebook profile photo. It's conceivable because Facebook connects to your friend. If you want to know what is facebook telephone number, then you should join Facebook Customer Service. The executives are always available for providing appropriate information.

While you are using your Facebook account, and during use of the account you get unwanted messages from any person. And you want to block that person from your account, but because of a few reasons, you are not able to block that person. That time, you think does Facebook have a phone number. Then to get all the answer of your relevant questions you should join Facebook Customer Service. Here you resolve your all the hassles related to your Facebook account. Plus you can directly make a connection with the Facebook support team. .

If you want to know how do you contact Facebook to report a problem, then you need to take help from Facebook Customer Service. The support team will offer you all the needed information in a polite manner such as- click on the page where you want to report. After that, you need to click on the below page's cover photo. Then, choose to give feedback and report this page. For giving feedback, tap on the option. But you should always remember that it would depend on your feedback.

When you want to update or reinstall your Facebook application, than you think how do I contact Facebook Help center. So, if you quickly want to get the answers of your questions, then take aid via Facebook Customer Service. The executives of Facebook will offer you some required steps for example- If the app is still unresponsive, you may need to update or reinstall. To update the app, visit the App Store, and check for updates. The process of updating the application, and it should work fine.

Download a copy of all Facebooking:

If you want to have a personal copy of everything shared on Facebook, then you can do this in certain steps:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Move to Your Facebook Information and click on “Download Your Information”.
  • Then, follow all the directions display on the screen from there.
  • Make a call on the Facebook Customer Service Number if you’ve any trouble in performing all these tasks.

Save posts for later:

Did you ever think to read a post but didn’t have enough time at that moment? When you have time, you either forgot about it or that post has been buried under other junks. Then, "Save for Later" function is a perfect option for you at that time. To do this on any device, you need to go for the below steps:

  • Click on the ellipsis menu in the top-right corner of a post.
  • From the pull-down, click on the Save Post or Link or Video option. These steps will forward a link to the Saved folder.

To see the Saved folder, you need to save something for the first time. Then, you will see a little purple “Saved” ribbon shows in the bar of left-hand favorites. If you’re using a mobile, then click on the hamburger menu. The Saved Posts might disappear if the original post deletes.

Restrict a few friends from seeing your posts: Once you mark a post on Facebook as Public then every friend of you can see and share it. There’s an efficient means to make a list of friends won’t see it even though they are still your friend on Facebook. For this:

  • Go to the friend page whom you want to restrict.
  • Click on the drop-down menu of Friends.
  • Select Add to Another List.
  • Then, Scroll to the menu bottom and you will see Restricted.

Finally, you will get a warning that your friend will no longer see what pos is unless you make it Public.

Legacy Contact' for after croak:

Facebook allows you to give a legacy contact who will manage your account after you have gone in the anticipation of an unavoidable truth that everyone on Facebook will die. Facebook will forward a reminder annually for checking legacy contact unless you turn OFF that option.

  • Go to Settings and then General.
  • Go to Manage Account and then Edit option.
  • Choose any one of your Facebook friends for handling digital after under the Legacy Contact tab.

Turn off autoplay videos: You have an option to turn off HD video preference in simple steps without clicking on it:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Go to Videos & Turn Off Auto-Play Videos.

If you’re Turn Off autoplay videos on the desktop, then this will also turn off on the mobile devices. You can it turn ON as per your preference. Plus, you can also activate closed captions and adjust its look.

Send money via Facebook: There are a lot of services are available to transfer money. Even Facebook allows doing this if both sender & receiver have a valid debit card. These payments make it simple for users to purchase products on the social network.

This feature is tied to Facebook Messenger. To set it up:

  • Go to Settings and then Payments.
  • Go to the Account Settings for entering a debit or credit card.

Send/request from or funds to another person via Messenger once accepted. Open a pop-over conversation with contact via Messenger for using this feature on At the chat window bottom, click on the dollar sign for sending or requesting funds.

There are many other features of Facebook like files transfer, upload '360' photos and videos, make a fundraiser, etc., you will love to use. So, you just need to be aware of them. And, to do this, dial Facebook TollFree Number anytime, anywhere.

Doesn’t matter whether you’re a new Facebook user or old one, you might stick in the minor or major issue of Facebook. The toll-free Facebook Helpline Number is there for 24/7 hours to support you. Ask any of your questions to experts regarding Facebook use, manage the account, privacy & safety, policies & reporting and so on. Here, we include a few issues along with their solutions so try them. If this is not your issue, then don’t worry. Just come in experts touch through Facebook Helpline Phone Number

How to reset or change a Facebook password?

If you’re not logged in and want to reset Facebook password:

  • Go to Find Your Account Page.
  • Enter Username, Email Id or Phone Number associated with an account and then click on Search.
  • Then, follow the display instructions from the screen.
  • If you’re logged in and want to change Facebook password:
  • Click on Account Settings and then select Settings.
  • Click on Security and Login.
  • Click on Edit followed by Change Password.
  • Enter the current password.
  • Then, enter the new password.
  • Click on Save Changes.

How to keep the account secure from hackers or unauthorized persons?

There are several tips & tricks to boost up Facebook account security.

  • Try to avoid the use of a name, birthdate or common words as your password. Create a strong password of numbers, symbols, and upper or lower case alphabets.
  • Don’t use the password of Facebook anywhere else. Create a different password for different websites you use.
  • Try to use a password manager. It becomes difficult to remember password correctly as you create a unique and strong password. There are several password managers available to encrypt & store passwords safely.
  • Make sure to change the password every six months. Follow this rule for all your password to keep account more secure. Set a reminder on the calendar if you find it difficult to remember which password is needed to be changed.
  • Don’t share the password of Facebook with anyone.
  • Avoid the “Remember Password” feature used on systems other than your own. Click on “Not Now” button if the system is not your own.

How to change profile settings on the photos albums?

One can easily change uploaded photos privacy settings by album or by the individual photo on Facebook. To edit privacy settings:

  • Go to the profile.
  • Click on Photos.
  • Then, click on Albums.
  • Select the album you would like to change the settings of privacy for.
  • Click on Edit.
  • To set album privacy settings, use the audience selector.

If you have any other question regarding Facebook in your mind like:

  • How to report an issue or abuse on Facebook?
  • How to keep your account secure?
  • How to remove an ad from a Facebook page?
  • How to reset Facebook notifications settings?
  • How to manage notifications on Facebook?
  • How to deactivate or delete a Facebook account?
  • How to change or find ad preferences?
  • How to turn OFF Watchlist notifications on Facebook?
  • How do I report a privacy violation on Facebook?

No need to worry. Just tap the Facebook Contact Phone Number to connect us instantly.
We provide real-time Facebook customer service to every one whosoever needs our support via Facebook Customer service Phone Number. Here, reviews that we have got from customers:

  • Flexibility to take support via live chat, text, email or any other mode as per your comfort
  • The team incorporates advanced methods to troubleshoot customers’ errors in less time
  • There’s a feedback option for customers to improve services if needed
  • 24/7 hours, 365 days availability
  • A quick & reliable solution on the Facebook Help Number

Impact of Facebook in our Life and how to fix technical issues of it with ease

Facebook is the famous social media platform which connects people across the world that even in a few clicks. It has become the most popular social media platform across the world. In today’s time, almost every student, teacher, engineer, doctor and people from other field have an account on this amazing platform. Now due to technical advancement, Facebook has updated itself with so many new features.

But like we all know that no software is full proof, so Facebook is not the exception to this face. While using this wonderful social media platform, people face some serious problems. But as there is saying that if there is a problem, then it must have the solution. So, if you are getting any kind of problem while operating your Facebook account, then you can contact the customer care service of Facebook. Facebook contact number is available for you and that even a toll-free number. Facebook contact Phone Number is 1-888-676-1999.

It is the number which is available 24 hr. available for you. When you dial this number, you will connect to the certified technical engineer which will assist you very politely. First, they will listen to your problem and, then after understanding the problem of your account; they provide the step by step solution to your problem


Facebook newly updated features:

  • Facebook recently update the list of its features and add some more interesting feature which can make your Facebook account attractive. Also, it will be fun for you to use these features. Let’s know which features are added by Facebook.
  • It currently added the live streaming feature which would surely a nice experience for the user.
  • Now, users can manage their followers and share particular content with ease.
  • Now on Facebook, a short video can be added as a profile picture. It is indeed a very interesting feature.
  • Also, users can update News feed that even with the help of 360-degree videos

Apart from this, there are several other features which make Facebook the most loved social media platform Get rid of general yet serious technical issues that happen with Facebook users

If you are a Facebook user, then it may be a possibility that you may encounter one of the below listed technical problems. Let’s see what technical issues may arise while operating the Facebook account and how you can resolve these issues.

  • Getting error messages during login
  • Forgot username and password
  • Not able to feed news
  • Difficulty in managing fan page
  • When the homepage takes too much time in loading
  • Facing the problem while creating the new account
  • Not know how to block unwanted profile
  • And, many more

If any of the above-mentioned or any other problem related to your Facebook account is encountering, then without any hesitation, you can contact the Facebook customer service number. They people will surely help to fix your problem and give you the proper guidance

The basic question that can be asked to the Technical team

Facebook customer care staffs not only resolve the technical issues but you can take the basic guidance from those people. They are always there just to help you and what you have to do is just contact them. You can ask them the very basic questions such as

  • How can I create an account on Facebook?
  • What is the timeline? How to operate it?
  • How can I send and respond to friend requests?
  • How can I do a video call on Facebook?
  • How can I recover a lost password?
  • How can I change the Facebook password?
  • How one can report about a hacked account?
  • How can I get rid of annoying notifications?
  • How can I shut my account permanently?
  • How to chat with many people at a time?

And any other question that comes in your mind, you can ask the team and they will surely give you desired guidance on that.

Apart from Entertainment, How Facebook is beneficial?

Facebook is not a medium where people do chatting but it has now become one of the platforms for the promotion of brands. Yes, every sector uses Facebook for the promotion of their particular brand. Now a day, it there is a company or site whether it is textile, food industry, beverage, cosmetic and any other, every site has their particular Facebook page. It is a good platform for promotion because it attracts a large audience.

Hope! You will get the correct understanding of what role Facebook is playing in our lives and how it is useful from the point of view of branding. So, let’s enjoy this amazing social media platform for your personal as well as professional use and take the help of Facebook Customer service phone Number if you are getting any problem and take full advantage of technology.

On Facebook, a lot of incredible features are present such as add some extra security, edit Ad preferences, a curate news feed, embed public content and block tracking of Facebook mobile browser for its users. They find the use of Facebook simple and efficient way to stay connected with near and dear ones still they need support at some time. So to make sure that everyone gets rid of problems and uses its features effortlessly, we render Facebook Customer Service.

Plus, an additional feature of Facebook i.e. Business Manager helps you to organize & manager business. You just need a Facebook profile for creating a Business Manager account. You can use the username & password of your personal Facebook to sign in into Business Manager. So, don’t worry about it. Connect with us to get detailed information about any Facebook feature through the Facebook helpline number

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