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facebook marketplace

Facebook marketplace

Walking on the ambassador of black, over the bloodshed of the fallen leaves, in the hazy sunlight of bright day, the eyes meets the beauty and the heart gets filled with the feelings, and the mind slips down the track. Your desire to get the beauty takes you to many of the stores, except the place you saw it, because it wasn't a shop. So, rather getting your face tanned in the sun, just go to your home and relax in the cold atmosphere of the air conditioner and then reach to your Facebook account. The wizard has a surprise for you. Visit the Facebook marketplace through your Facebook account and find the product you saw and were desperate to buy. Here is the surprise. Facebook marketplace comes with an opportunity to grow your business, through Facebook business tools and Facebook advertising.

The time is gone when Facebook just used to be a platform to make friends and chat with people. It is the decade, where Facebook is the biggest property for advertising. Other than that, tools like Facebook marketplace, Facebook business and Facebook advertising can bring a boom in the sales and reputation of your business.

Facebook marketplace is all about buying and selling. Unlike all other e-commerce venues, Facebook marketplace is not a single sided operation. On Facebook marketplace, you are not ceased to just buy a product, rather you can also sell any of your product on the platform. Facebook marketplace comes with many other opportunities of Facebook, which are essential to take your business to the heights of the sky. At Facebook marketplace sky is the upper limit of earning, no matter what you want to earn, money, traffic or reputation for your brand. At Facebook marketplace the prime focus is used in the presentation of your product. If a product is loved by the eyes, it is definite that the eyes will plead the heart and so will be increasing the sales figure of your brand.

How to use Facebook marketplace?

It is a history when Facebook was used by the people to connect. It is yet available in the same manner but now it is more used to promote the business using Facebook marketplace, Facebook advertising and the most important element to build the reputation of your brand, the Facebook business.

Facebook is now more used to buy and sell products. This activity was earlier started among the Facebook groups and then substantially its growth took it to the heights of the sky and left many of the sites back. Over 450 million people buy and sell products every month on Facebook marketplace from the families in the local neighbouring to the large business across the world.

Facebook marketplace is very easy to explore. Using Facebook marketplace for shopping is as easy as using Facebook for connectivity. After you have opened the Facebook app you just have to tap on the shop icon on the Facebook app. Once you have entered the Facebook marketplace you will feel like you have come across the greatest market of some creatively astonishing products to buys. While the same applies to the selling. At Facebook marketplace, you are assured to have the best display and the best audience for your product, which is definitely very important for the sale of your product.

Facebook Marketplace: What You Should Know

No doubt, Facebook is the most used and trusted social media platforms through which people can get connected to family, friends, relatives, and colleagues. The best thing about this online platform is that Facebook users can make use of the Facebook marketplace feature to do business. This FB marketplace is the best latest feature of the Facebook that’ll allow you to sell, buy and trade through Facebook. With this marketplace, people just have to create a list of items and post on the marketplace. Right from steps of uploading pictures to growing your business, there are a number of things that you should know about the Facebook marketplace.

What facebook marketplace is all about?

This feature of the marketplace can be easily availed by users with just a few clicks. With this feature, users will be able to sell and buy the items locally. It can be done easily through a Facebook app with a button which is available in the app. All you need to do is to post your item for sell or message the sellers to buy the products.

Why use Facebook Marketplace?

The main reason for using this marketplace is to display your products and acquire millions of Facebook users as your targeted audiences. Right from branding your item to gaining awareness among audiences, everything can be done with the help of the Facebook marketplace. As Facebook has millions of active users daily, it works as an inviting place for all the buyers and sellers who want to do business online locally.

  • Another main use of Facebook marketplace is that it helps in creating user’s brand awareness among the millions of active users. Through Facebook, people will come to know about the seller’s items.
  • This facebook marketplace ensures excellent buying experience is seamless that involves a few steps only. Right from browsing the items to contacting sellers through Messenger, every procedure is smooth and prompt.
  • There’s no involvement of any third person. The deal will be made between the seller and buyer and they’ll negotiate the deal as per their requirement.
  • The entire process is simple and requires a few minutes on posting the items and contacting the sellers.

Important highlights of the Facebook Marketplace

  • This feature of the marketplace is available to everyone who is 18 years of age or above.
  • Launched in the US, UK, New Zealand, and Australia
  • This feature is not currently available on desktops. The Facebook marketplace can be accessed through Android or iPhone.
  • There’s no involvement of Facebook in the delivery or transaction of the payment. This is completely dependent on the buyer and seller.

How to use Facebook Marketplace?

There are simple steps through which one can get started with the Facebook marketplace. All you’re required to do is to click on marketplace icon and create the listings. After this, enter the details of the products, confirm the location, select the category of the products and click on the submit button to make your product visible to the active users of Facebook.

Explore items for sale near you

The Facebook marketplace opens showing pictures of the products for sale around you. You can either choose these products to make purchase or Facebook marketplace is also a home to the global brands, where you can get an array of products like electronics, apparels, households, many more. You can use the built in location app to set the region of that you are looking in for shopping. You also do have the alternative to switch to a different city altogether.

Next choice is all about your choice. Just keep on exploring through the products and the while you find something interesting, tap on the product and get to know about it in brief. Once you tap on a product Facebook marketplace facilitates you to the seller's location and the range of the product. After you have made your mind to buy the product, Facebook marketplace gives you an opportunity to chat with the seller and negotiate with the favourable price, which suits your pocket and is also favourable for the sell to sell the product. Once you have made the deal to with the seller the product is yours. You just have to pay him and get the product. This was how you buy a product on the Facebook marketplace.

Please keep in mind, Facebook doesn't facilitates the payment or delivery of any of the items of on the Facebook marketplace.

Many of the people claim marketplace to be a website, which might prove to be hazardous, but the fact is that it is as trustable as the fact that you are a human. Facebook marketplace is an opportunity to discover some of the unseen items around you.

Allow me to explain this to you with a beautiful example –

A person went on a tour to Paris and while staying there, he did lots of shopping, which came to India and is now staying in your locality, but you are unknown of it. After some time the product becomes too obvious for the person who bought it from Paris but it is yet a new thing for the world. The owner posts and ad on Facebook marketplace, where your eyes love the product and convinces the heart to buy it. In this way you purchased a product form Paris sitting at your home only on Facebook marketplace. Thus Facebook marketplace is a good place to explore rather a place to talk negative about.

Facebook Marketplace How To Get & Sell Stuff On The New In-App Craiglist Feature

Facebook added a new feature of the market that is like Craigslist for its timeline. Discover how to obtain and use the new feature to buy and sell items online.

What is the Facebook Marketplace? How does it work?

If you have logged in to your Facebook mobile app recently, you probably noticed a new shopping guide at the bottom. But what is all this? On Monday, Facebook announced a new resource for Facebook mobile users called "Marketplace". For all intents and purposes, it is a Craigslist within your Facebook application. Although we can all agree that Facebook is the main way for people to connect with people they know in the real world in recent years, more and more people started using Facebook to connect with other people with interests or needs. Facebook has shared that, over time, it will continue to add more resources and options, as necessary, to make the market "the best experience for people." If you are interested in buying or selling something through Facebook Marketplace, we put together a complete tutorial below on how to do it.

How to use the Facebook Marketplace: buy and sell things with the Facebook Craigslist feature

How to get the Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is, in fact, a new feature incorporated into Facebook's own mobile application. Currently, the function is available only on iPhones and Android smartphones. If you use Facebook on your iPad, tablets or desktop computers, the Marketplace feature will not be available. Obtaining the Marketplace feature does not require updates to the Facebook application.

How to buy things on Facebook Marketplace

Buying things on the Facebook Marketplace is really very easy.And steps For Buying Things are given below:

  1. Touch the Marketplace icon. A whole page of photo lists will be displayed.
  2. You can scroll to see what has been published or search by specific elements by typing a keyword in the blue search bar.
  3. You can modify the LOCATION of your search by touching the "Change" button in the upper right corner of the application, just above the lists of images.
  4. When searching for a specific item, you can also change the PRICE or CATEGORY you wish to search by tapping the "Add filter" button in the upper left corner, just above the photo listings.
  5. After finding an item that interests you, tap on it. More information and the price will appear.
  6. You will have the option to "Make an offer" or "Send a message to the seller" if you have questions about the item.
  7. If you decide to buy it, as in Craigslist, you and the seller will calculate how you will pay and receive the item.
  8. If you have bid on several items, you can check for messages or answers on the "Items" tab in the right corner of the Marketplace.

How to sell things on Facebook Marketplace

Selling requires a little more effort than buying, but in reality, it is very simple.The steps for selling are given below:

  1. Be sure to have a picture of what you are selling on the camera roll of your phone.
  2. Touch the Marketplace icon.
  3. In the upper left corner of the page, you will see the "Sell" option. Tap on it.
  4. This will take you to the camera roll, where you can take a photo, or select up to ten photos of the item you are selling. After choosing the photo (s) you want to use, touch "Next"
  5. You will be directed to choose a title, a description and a price for what you are selling.
  6. You will also choose a place/zip code where the item can be found and you can choose a category to keep the item as well.
  7. Now click on "Post" and go!
  8. To check if you have received leads in your items or to mark an item as sold, simply touch the "Your items" option in the upper right corner of the Facebook Marketplace.

If you Marketplace features in the Facebook application so you can access it on any gadget whether a phone, tablet, computer or laptop. The content will help you to access Marketplace simply to buy and sell goods online like tools, appliances, furniture, clothing, jewelry, etc. If you're using the Facebook application on an iOS device then look at the bottom to go on Marketplace. On the Android, you will find this feature at the top of Facebook Marketplace application. Facebook Marketplace icon is available on the left side of FB application if you're using a web browser.

Undoubtedly, Facebook Marketplace is one of the most convenient means for buying and selling items in the nearby area. It allows its Facebook users more than 18 years to post pictures of collectibles and browse goods offered by the nearby sellers. Marketplace lists goods and then leaves the entire sales negotiation on buyers and sellers. Plus, the money and goods exchange is left to the buyers and sellers. One can effortlessly list items on FB and find great deals directly without the need to go anywhere else. And, there's no charge or free for listing items on the marketplace. Facebook doesn't provide any return policies while Amazon and eBay do. .

If you need to report a buyer on the Facebook Marketplace, then follow the below-mentioned steps: Click on the Marketplace from In the top left corner, click on the Selling option. Then, click on the message between the buyer and you. On the message, click in the top right Click on the "Report Buyer". Lastly, follow all the instructions shown on-screen. To talk to the customer support team directly, make a call on the toll-free number to let them know about your problem. The team will help you to sort out the problem soon at minimum charges.

Facebook Marketplace is the right platform for buying and selling items by creating their ads. As well as, it's easy to promote or advertise on Marketplace and to reach audience conveniently. Choose Marketplace as ad placement while creating an ad in Ads Manager. The Facebook audience can see ads in Marketplace whenever they browse in the application of Facebook. Follow the step by step guide to creating Facebook Marketplace: Enter the marketplace. So, whenever you login Facebook, you will notice the "Shop" icon. Add a photo. In order to sell an item, Facebook will promote to add an item's photo you're selling. Add a title, description and price. Then, add location and category. Finally, complete.

In case, you have forgotten your Facebook password, and you are interested to know how you can change your Facebook password. Then make a connection with the support team. The well-educated team will provide you all the required information related to Facebook Forgot Password. Advisors will let you know- first, you need to log-in to your Facebook account. And click on the gear icon in the upper right corner on any FB page. From the drop-down menu, choose the "account settings" option

What facebook marketplace is all about?

This feature of the marketplace can be easily availed by users with just a few clicks. With this feature, users will be able to sell and buy the items locally. It can be done easily through a Facebook app with a button which is available in the app. All you need to do is to post your item for sell or message the sellers to buy the products.

How To Use Facebook Marketplace For Business

With Facebook, you can stay connected with your friends and family members in an easier way than ever before. It allows a user to share pictures & updates, stay connected to important groups & communities and to engage with pages & friends.
As per estimation, Facebook has billions of users. It is one of the largest social media networks across the world. Mark Zuckerberg and his team written it in C++, PHP and other programming languages and introduced this social media platform on February 4, 2004. Still, they work to enrich this site to make it easier and economical for the users. But in the fall of 2016, Zuckerberg and his team re-launched a unique feature, Facebook Marketplace, that had not been getting attention from users.
The relaunch of this platform is beneficial for social media marketers for almost every food and non-food industry. It is the biggest customer-to-customer or peer-to-peer services and goods selling platform.

The Facebook Marketplace works conveniently on mobile with a button in the middle directly. So, just tap on the button to bring it. This application uses GPS for displaying products within your local area.

Take the advantage of Facebook Marketplace by using it in an appropriate way. Also, capitalize on it properly before the competition catches on.

Increase awareness and discoverability

In order to enhance sales and popularity, the only thing you need is to increase your brand awareness. It’s necessary to introduce people about your goods and services. If they don’t know who are you and why are you here, it’s difficult for them to take first initiative and trust on you. Also, the method to increase sales for brand awareness is the easiest and fastest too.
Take AdWeek’s feature to increase discoverability and awareness on the Facebook Marketplace.

Build up customer’s trust before purchasing

Trust makes a major difference in transactions. That’s why everyone prefers or looks for the popular & known brands when the purchase or deciding over prices. Most of the sales come via an individual’s profile that helps a customer to see what exactly they are doing with business. It becomes easier to answer the nagging questions without the need to step foot in the store or to make a call.
Relative transparency of Facebook aligns with how people are already shopping today.

Conduct well research on the market for seeing what sells

Before getting things into your store, pick a few products and check out which gets more attention from customers. So, you just need to figure out products which are in demand. After getting their attention & trust, sell things on Facebook Marketplace.
More specifically, the objective is to ensure that which product gets the most eyeballs.
This will carry out by adopting a follow-up strategy. You need to choreograph a transition until getting that interested sales.

Sell more products

The prime reason for introducing Facebook Marketplace is to sell a number of products. Because selling one product won’t scale up a business.
You can do this by getting people to commit for a single dollar or free. However, the only barrier is that the entry is low. And, the risk on the behalf of a buyer is almost zero.
But, once you have these customers, you will definitely work them up to the costly or expensive stuff.

Everything You Need To Know About Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is an open exchange and a literal marketplace. On it, one can post goods to sell/buy them within the local area. Now, it has more than 18 million items from all categories like vehicles, rental houses, clothes, video games, etc.
On the Facebook Marketplace, it’s quite simple to look at and buy things. Whenever you see or find something of your interest, click to the seller message and carry out the simple steps to get it. Each item is displayed with a short description and picture of it to give an overview before purchasing.

Facebook advertising is a good thing because it helps any brand or business to reach out to the customers. It is a medium to bring up new fans and to retain the old ones in the same post. Here, the more impressive tricks and facts about advertising on Facebook that makes it a better platform to increase sales and awareness.

  • More than 2 million active advertisers are now on Facebook.
  • Approx. 21% fans like pages for doing research on the goods and services of that business.
  • 78% fans prefer/use a brand prior to like the page.
  • FB boost up the visibility of the last 50 pages with which a user interacts with.
  • 66% of Facebook’s advertising revenue is made by mobile.

Facebook Marketplace raises the bar when we compare it to the online peer-to-peer selling platforms. Introduction of it leaves a profound impact on sellers, buyers as well as brands. Some of the requirements that should be fulfilled by retailers prior to FB accept their applications:

  • Sell new goods to the customers
  • Should have US nexus
  • Deliver or fulfill orders within three days
  • Accept the return policy of up to 30 days
  • Able to deliver or ship an order to the clients within a week
  • Try to post things from your business profiles or personal profiles to the Marketplace

The platform facilitates you in posting business profiles to boost the confidence of customer in your products. You have to make sure that the provided information should be accurate and will show your selling competence of niche product. It’s not prudent to post things from a personal profile.
It’s necessary to understand the creator’s rationale to use Facebook Marketplace effectively in promoting your business. So, you need to understand how it works out for end users.

Facebook describes Marketplace as a platform to discover, sell & buy goods for people. It enables buyers & sellers to buy commodities and dispose of goods if they are no longer needed in the local communities.
Facebook always adds new features to the items for enhancing efficiency and promoting transparency.
This feature is quite simple to use. Just tap the new button showed at the center bottom of Facebook application to load FB marketplace on the mobile device. It is IP sensitivity because of using GPS that make marketplace quick and convenient. So, it will display products in the immediate locality.
If you want to see complete details of an item, tap on an offer. To post items, browse different categories or search items & sellers, tap on the icons & links which show on the top of marketplace home screen.

To take on peer-to-peer selling platforms, FB relaunches Marketplace by social media. This platform gives more value to local businesses when they uphold Facebook terms and conditions.

Post items for sale on Facebook marketplace –

You post an ad to sell your product with two motives, either you are just reselling your product or you are on your way to build a brand. You are great if you fall in the first category but, if you are building your own brand, having a good idea about the Facebook marketplace is not enough. It is very important for you to explore other services of the Facebook like Facebook business and Facebook advertising that can take your business to the heights of the sky, You can get the best of all the revenue and reputation on Facebook. You just have to be loyal to your job and this is it, rest Facebook will handle. With Facebook advertising your brand will be catchy for the eyes of the viewers, which will bring the need of Facebook business that will make your brand rule on the hearts. You are just a few clicks away from making a brand that could give you an ocean of money and the same of reputation.

Here are the steps which would lead you to successfully post a product for sale on the Facebook marketplace –

The Marketer’s Guide to Facebook Marketplace

As everyone knows, Facebook is the most used social media platforms that allow users to stay connected with their colleagues, friends, and family. The recently launched Facebook marketplace feature has enabled the people to buy and sell their area. This feature of Facebook helps the users to browse item listings near you so that you can find great things to buy. It can be accessed with ease through Android or iPhone devices. A few clicks and you’ll get to buy whatever you want. Right from cars to clothes, you’ll get a wide range of products through facebook marketplace.
Here’s a marketer’s guide that’ll help you to know about the Facebook Marketplace.

Through FB marketplace, users can easily get their selves connected with the seller over the messenger. Some important benefits of using the Facebook marketplace for your business are listed below:

  • Users can chat over FB messenger with people who’re interested in the product listing.
  • This marketplace also helps to connect with the sellers who are selling items in your local area.
  • People can browse any items from several listing categories
  • Another important thing is that there’s no fee for listing items on the marketplace. Along with this, Facebook doesn’t ask for any kind of profit percentage.

Simple step by step guide to get started with the Facebook marketplace

Many news users of Facebook or beginners face problems in getting started with the Facebook marketplace. So, here’s a step by step guide that will help the people to make use of this marketplace:

  • Whenever you’ll log in to your account, you’ll get an icon of the marketplace.
  • You need to add the photos of the items that you’re willing to sell. Just add multiple photos of the items that you have listed.
  • After adding the photos of the items, you need to enter the title for the posted items. Title of the items should not be more than 100 characters.
  • Adding description is the next step in getting started with facebook marketplace. Sellers are needed to enter a description such as color, shape, size and other specifications of the items.
  • Now, set the price of your added item.
  • After this, you’ll need to choose the location where you want to sell the items.

How did Facebook marketplace help in business?

For business point of view, Facebook marketplace plays an important role. It also helps a business to grow in many different ways. Some of the ways in which this marketplace is considered beneficial are listed below:

  • It will help in creating a branding of your products and company. Millions of active users will know about your brands.
  • In this marketplace, deals will be done through the profiles. This helps in seeing to whom you’re making the deals.
  • Buyers can check everything about the company through the Facebook profile. Isn’t it great?? Along with this, your items will get online promotions through Facebook.

Selling a product on Facebook marketplace is as easy as browsing for the same.

  1. At first take a beautiful picture of the item you want to post an ad of. Remember good and attractive pictures increase the probability of your being sold more easily.
  2. In the next step, upload the clicked image of the item on the Facebook marketplace along with the name of the product and its description and a valid price for the item. Remember, low prises can make your product be a quick seller.
  3. Once you have completed adding the details of the product, your turn comes out, now you are supposed to add all the details of yourself. Add your exact location and the strategy of your sale. You can choose your inbuilt location app to help you with your location.
  4. In the end, when you have confirmed all the things you just have to click 'POST' and your ad will be visible in the market place.

Now, your post is visible to the Facebook marketplace users of the area. You will receive messages from the users who want to buy your product. It is not always necessary that the first user is the only buyer for your product. There are wide array of people on Facebook so have patience and wait for the right buyer for your product, which could give you the amount you want form the buyer. Other than marketplace you can also choose to post your selling ad on a specific buy and sell group. You can easily track your products for sale on the Facebook marketplace. Visit your items section on the Facebook marketplace. In the items section you will be able to view your saved items, products you have posted for sale and all the messages you receive from the people.

Facebook marketplace is now available in four countries.

I hope you are known to the fact that Facebook marketplace is not available across the globe. Its service is limited to few countries only. Facebook marketplace is now rolling for all the people above 18 in the countries – US, UK, Australia and New Zealand an all the mobile apps for android and I phone. But Facebook has promised to keep expanding the network of Facebook marketplace and soon it would rule the globe.

Facebook marketplace is not available for desktop, but as per the Facebook statements, the desktop version of the Facebook marketplace will be soon available to the users.

What Is Facebook Marketplace?

Facebook marketplace is one of the important features that have been added by the Facebook social media platform. This feature helps the users or businessperson to sell and buy products or services online via Facebook. It is all about local selling, trading and buying digitally. In simple words, it can be said that it is a marketplace where users can easily post the products that are on sale. Right from flat to apparels to cars to bikes, everything will be sold immediately through FB marketplace.

Some of the main highlights of FB marketplace include:

  • It allows people to buy or sell their items
  • Marketplace also allows you to make an offer to the sellers
  • It can be easily accessed through the Facebook app

Now, let’s have a look at how this Facebook marketplace works, what it is all about and how businessperson can use it?

What does FB marketplace do?

In Facebook marketplace, there are millions of items through which one can easily buy items of their choice. There will be no involvement of Facebook in transactions or payment of the items. Through this marketplace, users will be able to do the following listed things:

  • It helps in searching items to buy
  • Users will be able to set custom bids for items
  • Message facility is available to arrange the transactions between buyers and seller
  • You’ll be able to create item listings and add photos.

With a few simple steps, people can get started with the latest feature of the marketplace. These steps will help buyers and sellers to start their business. Let’s have a look at these steps:

  • The first step of the getting started with the Facebook marketplace is to take clear pictures of the items. People want to see the image of the exact item so, it is necessary to take a clear image of the posted items.
  • The next step is to list the items separately and add details of the items. Once you’re finished with adding detail, submit it to make it visible to the people.

How Facebook marketplace is beneficial for business?

This feature of Facebook has aided business persons to make their business grow in various aspects. Some of the important ways in which Facebook marketplace is considered beneficial for business are listed below:

  • The major advantage of the marketplace for business is that it helps in creating awareness among the Facebook users. On Facebook, you product will be seen by the a million of users who make use of Facebook every day. Through this, people get to know about your products and services.
  • Another major benefit of getting started with the Facebook marketplace is that it helps in branding. Through, a large number of people will come to know about your company and products.
  • Trust is also an important benefit that will be established between sellers and buyers. Along with this, this marketplace also helps in conducting market research for the buyers as well as sellers.

Tips for buying and selling on safely on Facebook market place

  1. View your buyer's or seller's profile – learn about the person you are selling to or buying from. This can be very helpful for you to track spam. You can easily check the Facebook profile of the person by clicking on the person's profile. You should check if he has an earlier rating or not. If not you should check his friends linked to the marketplace. All these things can assure you the safety of your trade.
  2. Report if you find anything suspicious – reporting is very important while you see any suspicious thing on the Facebook marketplace. You shouldn't just ignore it rather you must report it. This can help stop these kind of malpractices on the Facebook.
  3. Meet in a safe location – Since Facebook marketplace doesn't facilitates the payment and delivery, you will have to meet the person. And the person is unknown to you, so you won't be knowing about the intensions of the opposite person thus it is recommended to meet the person at a safe location for the exchange of goods and money.
  4. Inspect the item thoroughly –before locking any deal, please make sure the seller is providing you a genuine item. Facebook marketplace is not responsible for any kind of fraud that happens to you.
  5. Protect your personal information – When it comes to the security of the data, Facebook always remains a step ahead. So Facebook marketplace recommends you to share limited data to the person you are trading with. Personal data can make any person rich and thus this is not recommended for the people to share their personal data to any of the buyer or seller on Facebook marketplace.

For any further information about Facebook marketplace, please feel free to get in touch with our team of expert techies and business guides. Our business guides can help you fathom all the profundity of the Facebook business and Facebook advertising, which play an acute role in building the reputation of the brand.

Need of Facebook Help are following:-

  • Facebook agony will be removed.
  • Remedy is provided by experts.
  • Proper assistance.
  • Great reliability.
  • Error-free services.

How can I get started with facebook marketplace?

Facebook has come up with a new feature that allows people to sell and buy through FB account. It also offers a big opportunity to the businesspersons to grow and expand their businesses. Along with this, FB advertising can also be a boon for your business promotion and branding. Today, almost every person has an account on FB who makes use of it for uploading pictures, videos and getting connected with the friends, family, and relatives. But, for new FB users, getting started with facebook marketplace can be a bit difficult. One question that strikes to the mind of the new users is- how can I get started with FB marketplace? The answer to this question is our technical support service that is available round the clock to provide an effective solution to the customers. Though a phone number, you'll be connected to the active techies.

If you're a new FB user and want to get started with FB marketplace then these steps are helpful:

  • First of all, you need a Facebook account through which you can easily post your products online and make them visible.
  • Then you're needed to click on the Marketplace icon. After this, you need to tap the 'Sell Something' button.
  • If you're selling your product then the first that you need to do is to upload the product's picture. So, take the picture of your product which you want to upload. An attractive picture will help in increasing the chances more selling
  • Now, upload the image of the products and add its name and description. Add a few lines of description about the product so that customer can know about it. List a valid price for the products. Also, you need to select the category of the products.
  • You also need to add details about yourself like the location. Once you're done with filling all these information, click on "post" button so that your ad gets visible in the Facebook marketplace.

After posting the ad on the marketplace, you'll start receiving messages from the people who want to buy the products. You need to be careful while selling your products for safety reasons. Before finalizing any deal, check the buyer's profile and learn about the person you're going to sell your products.

If you're feeling confused at any step then without thinking make a call to the technical experts. We guide the customers to troubleshoot their every problem in an easy manner. All you need to do is to dial the helpline number to get immediate technical aid. The best part of this customer support service is that is can be accessed right from the comfort of your home. You don't have to roam anywhere. Feel free to get connected with the experts through toll-free phone number.


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