Google Customer Service Number

Google Customer Service Number

Overcome all the tricky technical issues with Google customer service

We all must have been familiar about the search engine “Google”. In this digital world, it would be really difficult to survive without making use of Google in our everyday life. Whether you want to search about anything or want to send an important official mail, Google helps you every day in all these activities. If we’ll see the data then Google is the topmost search engine that offers multiple benefits and features to its consumers. Many of us must have experienced some technical hiccups while using the products of Google. The best thing is that Google customer service is available to help you out with all the technical woes.

Products of Google that comes with incredible features

Google offers the consumers with targeted search results that are chosen from more than billions of available web pages. Google also has the ability to provide the search results in multiple languages. Apart from this, it is now counted among the leading and the best search engines by cutting down the shares of various market players. If you face any troubleshooting issues in using these products then you can freely dial google phone number and get instant help from our knowledgeable technical team.

Our team ensures Google customer service that’ll help you in every possible manner. Right from setting up Chrome to setting up Google assistant, you’ll get precise technical aid from our technical consultants by availing our quick assistance. Let’s have a look at some of the important products and features of Google that we use in our everyday life:

  • Google Assistant: With this thing, you can surely save your time. It’ll connect you with Google so that you can get help to get all the things in an organized and personalized way. No matter whether you're traveling or at home, Google assistant will help you anywhere.
  • Google Contacts: This product of Google helps you to view as well as edit the contacts on your computer or any other device. Make sure to get google help from customer service to fix Google contacts issue if there is any.
  • Google Drive: With the help of Google Drive, the user can get help in storing, creating and files sharing on mobile device or computer.
  • Google Home: Google Home is another important feature that powered by the Google Assistant itself. It helps the users in controlling the entire home. For any issues related with Google Home, you’re needed to get technical assistance from Google support.

Instantaneous technical aid by the Google customer service

There’s no denying that technical issues have not have a specific time to occur. They can hit you hard anytime especially when you’re needed to do some important things. If anyhow you are finding yourself in such situation, make sure that you’re connected with our technical team via Google number. On the other side of the call, you’ll get a team of specialists who know how to provide you instant solutions. All that you can do is to ring on our helpline number and sit back relaxed.

  • Result-oriented and fast solution of every kind of technical problem by the enthusiastic team of professionals.
  • Quick fixing of every issue will be available to you at your doorstep. You don’t have to wait any way longer to get the answer of your queries. 
  • No matter what’s the complexity of the glitches, technical team will offer you quick support without a fail.
  • Through Google's phone number, you’ll be heard patiently by our technical consultant team.
Want to know about deleting or disabling apps on Android? Ask our technical team.

Installation and un-installation can be done with ease on Android by following these steps. For any confusion of yours, ring on the google customer service phone number to get a clear concept:

Delete the installed apps
  • Let’s start the process by moving to the “Google Play Store app”.
  • In the Menu button, choose “My apps & games”.
  • Now, you need to tap on the app that you want to delete permanently.
  • For this, just give a tap on the option of “Uninstall”. 

Disable the in-built apps in the phone
  • Make sure that you have opened the phone's Settings.
  • In the “Apps & notifications” choose the app to disable.
  • If you’re not finding it then see the App info.
  • At last, click on “Disable”.
Why Google Assistant it just popping up on my screen?

Many times, user reports about the issue of sudden popping up of Google assistant on the screen. As this technical mishap can be very confusing sometimes, so chat with Google to get solution for this technical glitch immediately.

Firstly, open the Google app and then choose "More" icon that can be found on the bottom of the screen. Here, click on “settings” and then go tap under the Google Assistant subheading. In the Settings, choose the “Phone” and then just switch off the Google Assistant.

Having storage issue? Get assistance on clearing the Google Drive space & increasing the storage with technical specialists.

In case of storage issues on Google Drive, you can seek technical help from the Google customer service. You can either directly call the customer executives to write a query mail to Google's email address. They’ll guide you with some of the important troubleshooting solutions that include:

In Gmail
  • Go to the Search box and then type large attachements and tap ‘search’
  • Now, go through the emails and select that you don't want. Just select Delete.
  • After this, click on “Empty trash now”.
In Google Photos
  • Go to the on your system.
  • Find the option of Recover storage. 
  • Now, move you videos and images to the “Trash”
  • On the top left side of the screen, click Select.

Whenever you want a technical support on clearing the Google drive storage then get a Google phone number and then contact the techies.

My Google Assistant is not working? Connect with our technical experts.

No matter what time it is, just seek google tech support to get rid of all your technical mishaps quickly and smoothly. If your Google Assistant not performing well then check whether Google Assistant is turned off or on:

  • Pick your Android device and, touch the Home button.
  • If you’re getting a message like Hi, how can I help? Then you Google Assistant is working perfectly fine. 
  • If not the go for the option of "Without Google Assistant."
  • If you’re asked to turn on the Google Assistant, tap Turn on.
  • Note: If you have a Pixel phone, you won’t be able to use "Hey Google" without turning on the Google Assistant. Learn more about your Google Assistant.

If there’s any technical concern then you can either call the customer executives to speak to a live person at Google. They’ll guide you with proper solution and rectifications steps in a prompt manner.