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Believe it or not, there is no wondering just how much electronic mail has changed the manner we communicate. In today’s technology-driven age, emailing service is something that used for a plethora of purposes. In the paperless world, people simply cannot think of their lives a day without email. Whether it is personal or business talk, Email has been one of the best and the most sought-after tools since its introduction. With the aid of the emailing tool, one can send messages, files, photographs, and other important data through an email.

In addition to this, millions of tycoons and business folks use it on a regular basis for accomplishing their business needs. Some of the top-notch email service providers which are highly appreciated amongst the people and are widely used across the world- Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, MSN and a lot. Among the giant email service providers, ‘Hotmail’ alternatively known as Microsoft Outlook has been the most preferred and favorite webmail players across the world.

Microsoft Hotmail Email– A Brief Introduction

‘Microsoft Hotmail’ is undeniably the most excellent email application that allows persons to connect with their peers or clients in a swift and secure manner for conversation, schedule, data storage, and much more. It is an outstanding web-based email service which was introduced by Mr. Sabeer Bhatia and Mr. Jack Smith in the year 1996 and was acquired by the big boy of I.T. industry i.e. Microsoft. Since then it has been the leading webmail player and now it boasts of more than 400 million users worldwide. It is highly cherished among the professionals owing to the so many lavish and fascinating features associated with it. ‘Hotmail’ has started its journey as a simple emailing platform and now it has become the choice of business people.
Hotmail being one of the most relevant channels for conversation, be it official or personal, it is vital that its service is seamless, swift, and secured as well. ‘Hotmail Technical Support’ for any kind of mishaps or inconveniences needs to be availed at the earliest to enjoy an error-free emailing experience with Hotmail service.

Just Have a Glance at Some Amazing Hotmail Features

With time Microsoft Hotmail has enhance its service a lot, which gave its opponent a tough time. Hotmail is offering scores of innovative features such as ability to view, and share documents online, increased attachment size, user-friendly conversation view, document collaboration, better mobile experience and the list is endless. Apart from that, a plenty of innovative features were announced by the I.T. giant Microsoft recently. Below list elaborates the list of hidden Hotmail features.

1. View, Edit and Share Document Online:

Now in Hotmail also, you can easily access Microsoft Office suites to view, edit or share your important documents. The best thin g is that you need not to download your attachments on your desktop screen. With the availability of this feature, you could open your documents anytime, anywhere.

2. View content from different social media players such as Facebook, Twitter:

Hotmail is specially designed in such a way that its users can add contacts from any of their social networks, manage their social media post, updates, etc., and even accept friend requests directly from your Hotmail account.

3. Single click action for emails:

Most of times, when you are in hurry and you don't have enough time to even check an email and make sure that it’s a spam, or something important. Here, Hotmail lets you set up single-click actions that effectively deal with such troubling situation.

4. Nippy view:

People send various things including photograph links, video links, and much more in the email. To watch them, you are required need to open the links in a new tab. The latest version of Hotmail automatically recognizes the link, and allows you to view the video on your email interface.

5. Sweep action:

Another beneficial feature of Hotmail that allows you to manage the inbox’s mess is ‘Sweep’. If you get newsletter on a daily basis and want to close this service, then you ought to do is click on ‘Sweep’ button and get rid of all mess.

6. Security:

Of course! Hotmail has introduced a plenty of security features to save its users’ credentials from a variety of phishing attack, hacking issues and other cyber attacks. What you need to do is to use HTTPS instead of using HTTP to get the entire session safe and secured.

7. Send huge files along with email

A plenty of webmail players are available with their huge customer base of their happy users yet they completely fail to provide the satisfactory service to their users in case of sending huge files. Here, incorporation of Hotmail with SkyDrive makes it feasible to send up to 10 Gigabytes files (including images, documents and others) in a single mail. SkyDrive is another highly advanced feature that offers you 25 GB of free storage space.

Taken as a whole, Microsoft Hotmail definitely looks promising. Its services and features are ground-breaking and aren’t there in any webmail players including Gmail, Yahoo, and others.

How does Hotmail Email Customer care help you to begin with Hotmail?

1. Go to the Hotmail homepage:

Open your web browser and type in the address bar. You can also use any search engine to search for hotmail homepage.

2. Click ‘Sign-up’:

You will see two options at the homepage. One would say sign-in and the other asks for sign-up. The existing Hotmail users can sign-in with their Hotmail id and the new users should Sign-up to Hotmail.

3. Fill the ‘sign-up’ page:

Complete the sign-up page with your basic details like your first name, last name, country and birthday.

  • Choose Username and Password: Choose a username that suits you best and then create a strong password. Creating 3D password is recommended to secure your account better. Confirm your password and continue.
  • Provide Contact Details: Provide your mobile number and alternate e-mail address. These details are very important as the verification will take place through e-mail or text message. In case you forget your password in future, these contact details will help you to recover your password.
  • Enter Your Location And Birth date: Enter your country and zip code to allow Hotmail to identify and track your location. Provide your date of birth to get some relevant offers and services according to your age.

4. Agree To The Privacy Policy:

: Now tick the check box asking ‘agree to Microsoft Services Agreement and Privacy Policy’. Without agreeing to this you won’t be able to create your account.

5. Enter Captcha Code:

: Entering the correct captcha code ensures Hotmail that you are not a bot.

6. Click ‘Create Account’:

After providing all these required information, click ‘create account’ and finally your account has been created on Hotmail.

7. Login your Account:

You can now check your newly created id by logging into the account. Your account is now ready for first use. Use the username and password you entered on the third step, to login your account.

Avail unlimited benefits of Hotmail with your account and contact Hotmail Customer Service in case of any trouble. With the help of the experts, any issue can be eradicated easily to assure you the best experience of the top notch features and services of Hotmail.

What are the Hotmail Email Help tips to ensure maximum security on your Hotmail Email Account?

Now, when you are done creating your account on Hotmail, it’s very essential to secure it from outside activities like hacking and tracking. If someone else gets the access to your account then your account can be used for any unauthorized service that can cause some serious damage to you. Hotmail allows many features and security measures to ensure security for your account. Hotmail Tech Support is available to help you with all security issues. You can also secure your account with some simple tips and techniques.

Here are the four tips for you:

1. Create Strong Password:

That’s the basic thing you should know. Your account password should be strong enough to resist any hacking activity. Try creating a combination of numbers and symbols with alphabet. A 3D password is never easy to crack. Never use any personal detail as your password like your name, d.o.b., spouse name, pet name etc. as these are easy to guess by anyone. Try not to use dictionary words of any language as your password should be unique and unpredictable.

2. Keep Your Password Reset Information Updated:

In case you forget your password, hotmail allows you to reset your password using your personal mobile number or alternate e-mail address. When you click the ‘forgot password’ link, Hotmail sends you a password reset code after a little verification and with that reset code, you will be able to create a new password again. Go to your account page and add a phone number and alternate e-mail address and also specify a security answer for future reference.

3. Use Single Use Password:

Sometimes, you need to check your mail account but you don’t have your trusted pc. If you are using an unsecured internet connection or a public Wi-Fi, then your security is under threat. On your login page, look for the ‘Get a single use code to sign in with’ link. Hotmail will send you a single use passcode, other than your password, to sign in with.Never use your password under unsecured measures.

4. Look Out For The Owner Website In Address Bar:

Almost every browser shows green bar on the right corner of the address-bar with the name of owner’s website. This shows that you are working on HTTPS instead of HTTP. This is a secured means of communication between Hotmail and your computer as it will break the connection process if it finds any outsider trying to intercept the signals. Just make sure that the owner of i.e. ‘Microsoft Corporation’ is shown on the address bar during the use of your account.

Use these basic techniques to keep hackers away from your account. You can also get expert help from Hotmail Technical Support in case of any problem or account hacking issue. Any service of hotmail can only be enjoyed with the secured access to your account so make sure you don’t leave any ends loose.

How to Fix Various Login Issues through Hotmail Email Support?

With its top notch features, Hotmail is quite easy to set up on both android and ios platforms. Hotmail users are increasing at a steady pace all over the world not just because of its simplicity, but also because of its strong reliability. It can be undoubtedly termed as the most liked emailing device by all users, all around the globe.
Despite its user friendly features, it has been noted that users encounter various issues during the time op signing up or logging in.

Some common problems faced at the initial stage of setting up a Hotmail account are as follows:

1. Old Account

Users who always own an old account on Hotmail tend to encounter problems while logging in, when they did not have an access over their account for almost a long time. When tried to log in after a long time interval, Hotmail notifies them by stating that the username doesn’t exist. So it is advised that one, who holds an account on Hotmail, should have access on it at least once in a month.

2. Unable to load Hotmail homepage

Users face this problem a lot of time. While other websites are running smoothly, it has been seen that often Hotmail homepage requires a long time to load.

3. Password related problems:

Often, while trying to log in, Hotmail declares a message stating that the password one just typed is incorrect, despite typing the right password. Password concerning glitches is common in Hotmail.

These above mentioned problems might be common, but instant solutions to these problems one they pop up, is required. Hotmail Technical Support provides you the following rescue tips. Follow these easy steps and eradicate your basic technical problems.

Follow these easy steps and eradicate your basic technical problems:

1.Make sure the email address and password you typed is correct.

Ensuring that you type the correct email address and password that you had used while signing up, is necessary. Typing a wrong mail address or password would eventually lead to error while logging in or signing up.

2.Ensure whether your email id and password has Caps lock on or not.

Make sure whether your mail address and password has block letters used in it or not. If it has, make sure your Caps lock is on while you type your email address and password.

3. Make sure that your connection status is stable.

The connection that you are using to access Hotmail account is the main source and you need to make sure the connection is steady enough. If your connection is not working or slow, you might face problems while logging in or signing up.

4. Be careful while typing your email address and password.

Type your password and email address in the respective boxes. Email address should be typed in the box where mail address has been asked for and password should be entered on the password box respectively.

Once all the above stated points are ensured, carry on with your sign up and log in procedure without any hurdle.

How to set-up Hotmail account on your iPhones, iPad Air, iPad Mini and other Apple devices?

New iPhone and iPad users tend to face difficulties while setting up Hotmail account as there is no option of Hotmail account during the time of configuration. When you try to go to settings to set up a Hotmail account, Hotmail option no longer seems available. But still longing for tips and tricks to set up a Hotmail account on your Apple devices? Have a glance below!

  • Open “Settings” on your Apple device
  • Select mails, calendars, contacts to have a look at the existing email accounts that are configured on your Apple device.
  • Choose the “Add Account” option available below the list of existing email accounts.
  • You shall then find a list of all available web mailing services.
  • To add Hotmail on your Apple device, you can opt for the Exchange, or other available options to proceed.
  • Enter the Hotmail id, password and description on the new page that comes up. Make sure you use the entire email address, including the “” part.
  • After you are done with this step, select “Next” to proceed.
  • Now, your Hotmail account would need to verify your login credentials.
  • Make no mistakes while entering your mail address and password and your authentication shall be approved.
  • You can now import mails, calendars, contacts and reminders from Hotmail server to your Apple device.

By following the above steps, one can easily set up Hotmail account on their Apple devices and have a error free experience with It is necessary for the users to create a strong password so that their privacy settings are strengthened and hence the account no longer stays prone to hacking. Hacking is another common problem in this 21st century and taking necessary steps to make your account hack proof is mandatory. In case you are facing some problems or you have further queries, you can seek reliable and instant technical help from Hotmail Customer Care. Hotmail Care tries to eliminate each of your technical glitch and hence renders hundred percent satisfactory and unlimited technical help that you might need to resolve all of your worries.

Why does Hotmail Support Number deserve tons of thankfulness?

To get the support services from Hotmail support Number is actually the high-principled process that is not only efficient in its operation but also an instantaneous systematic procedure. Its working operation is damn easier to implicate as it needs just a phone or system. Through which you can avail the below-mentioned Hotmail support services:

  • Freebie consultation/instructional Hotmail support on the phone.
  • Online support: chat sessions, live tutorial on digital board, FAQ, and Q&A community.
  • Remote support: System optimization, diagnose, repair, clean up, and troubleshooter.
  • All-the-while aid including in odd hours.
  • Get premium Hotmail support services at the nominal prices.

Hotmail support, it is for all the people.

The current era which is technology driven, it is hard to cope up with the society without being updated with the technology or the present social services. It is one of the finest web mail service. It was co founded by Mr. Sabeer Bhatia. It was later owned by Microsoft and is also known as “Microsoft Outlook”. Today when our life is incomplete without having the email services around us. We have to send files, documents and the other important files to the desired client or the other persons. Email plays the vital role in maintaining the communication between a person and an oraganisation. Nowadays when in every institution or the company when every work is not considered official until it is communicated through email. What email is not providing us. It is saving our time, it is providing us the facilities to save the documents and pictures and letting us to access the social media platforms. It is the leading webmail service provided from Hotmail. Not being wondered, “Microsoft Hotmail” or the “Outlook Hotmail” is the lavish email service which is the best choice for the businesspersons, students or the entrepreneurs. Hotmail nowadays is the one which provides the best of the service, it is being owned by Microsoft which is the leading technical company in the world. It is the finest and the swiftly increasing popularity of it amongst the customers. Hotmail support is the finest service provided from the webmail service for the eradication of each and every issues or complaints about any problem while using Hotmail.

Hotmail transition to

Initially it was founded by Mr. Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith and gained much popularity amongst the cyber loving people over the world. It was like the boon in the internet world. Many people were talking and using the webmail interface. Later on the conquerer of the computer world that is Microsoft owned it and a new email address was generated by the name “”. Yes many of the users which were old and having the old email address of they got the option to get updated to get a new email address. It was also not like that the users can not retain their old email address but they can update their email service to to the new one as there were various new option and services were introduced by the Microsoft. Hotmail is now also known as “Microsoft outlook” but the previous one was updated and the name “” email address.

Security issues with Hotmail

From how much long time you have been using hotmail, a year ago, more than a year or more than 5 years. Whatever the time limit would be since you might be using Hotmail but there might be some security issues related to the hotmail privacy and the data privacy. There might be issues like your Hotmail account is logged in various devices, or the data resetting issues. In such cases you must have a regularly check on the log in of your Hotmail account in various devices. There would be log in issues for the hotmail account. Other than these, Hotmail provides full security to all the data and the other material which is saved on the webmail interface.

How to start with Hotmail? Hotmail Email Customer Care will help you

  • Open Hotmail
  • Just open the web browser on your computer or phone and type you can type this in the address bar or can use any of the search engine for it.

  • Choose the option of “create free account”
  • There will be two options, one will be of “create free account” and the second one will be of “sign in”. The existing users can opt for sign in and the ones who want to create the new account they have to choose that option

  • Fill up the “create free account” page . Type the desired username you want
    . Type the password you want to create
    . Enter your name
    . Enter the birth details
    . Enter the given captcha for verification
  • Click on “create account”
  • After adding up all your details, you have to click on the option create account which is the final stage of the account creation on hotmail

  • Log in your
  • After creating your account you can just log in your account by putting up your username and the password in the sign up option and you can enjoy the endless services of or It is quite easy to create the account on hotmail.

How to keep your Hotmail account safe? Hotmail Email Customer Service will help you for this

After creating up your account it is upon us to keep the account safe and encrypted the users must keep some points in mind.

The password must be kept much safe and should not be shared with anybody. A single use password should be created. There should not be log in from several devices. A brief check must be done at some regular intervals of time. The password must also be change at some specific intervals of time. Nowadays when there is everything at the risk of hacking we all should be alert about our social media safety and email is one of the most important social network which is important in almost every sphere of life. So whenever you make account on Microsoft outlook or hotmail it should be kept in mind that it is completely safe. And it is being repeated that the password must not be shared with anybody.

Basic problems one can face while using hotmail account

There might be several issues and problems while using hotmail account, some of those can be like:

  • Denying access to the hotmail account
  • Unable to connect to the desired account
  • Might be problem with the logging in account
  • Server down
  • Slow processing

These are the problems or the issues which are being encountered by the users at various times whenever he or she uses the hotmail account. But the people do not have to panic in any case, a full support is being provided to all the users of the hotmail. afterall hotmail is all for the fast and trust loving webmail account which is applicable for all the business and personal related communication works.

It is being often said that seeing various problems the users might judge it for the security issues of Hotmail but unlike that Hotmail provides full support to our trusted customers. These are only the basic problems which can be normally seen with any of the webmail service so as with Hotmail but Hotmail provides full support to the customers by providing them the option of Hotmail Customer Care Number, we just need to dial the care number for any assistance or any kind of help in any of the situation.

How Hotmail email customer service helps in eradicating these basic problems

Customer service from hotmail is always at your side in case of any problem being faced by the users while functioning on hotmail. If any of the user is finding some problems, he/she must follow some steps and instructions like

Type the password correctly
  • Make sure that the password is caps on or not
  • And also check for the username if it is correct or not
  • A stable connection is there to the device or not. It should be checked
  • Never forget to check the username and the password if it is right or not

These are the steps which one should follow very attentively so that the security and the authenticity of the Hotmail account can be maintained properly. Many times various people forget and do not really care about the general instructions and just got misleaded which may result in a very serious issue regarding their webmail account. Hotmail provides them the full security about the data and the account by their Hotmail Customer Care support. After the day there is the customer support for all those who find any kind of issue or problem in operating the Hotmail account.

Some services being provided from hotmail which are boon to this present corporate world

Yes, today when this world is full of commerce and everybody is running fast towards 4busiest life we all have to be updated. Email services plays a vital role in maintaining our connection with the clients and peers. If we want to send files, photographs, documents or the videos, hotmail plays an important role to help us out for all this spark communication.

Have access on various social media platforms like twitter and Facebook. Hotmail provides the option to the users of having access to the social media platforms like Facebook, twitter or aany other social network. You can have access over the contacts and can control the posts over the Facebook.

Sweep actions over anything via hotmail. Hotmail provides the sweep action over any of the wrong activity seen on the account. If there is a bulk of spam messages over your hotmail then it allows us to take a sweep action against the issues seen.

How Hotmail Support Works?

Hotmail Support works in a manner which is much friendly to the customers. It is easy to operate and easy to work via hotmail. Never been a big issue in making a hotmail account and using it fluently. There is not any rocket science in operating the hotmail email service. It is totally for the customers and for the benefits of these customers. The customers need to dial the customer care number or to send the queries to the customer care portal. The team of the skilled technicians will be your side all the time to help you out.

In case of any emergency, call hotmail care number?

Roving over the hotmail and if in any case you got stuck on any issue the option of directly call on hotmail customer care number is available. So there is no need to panic about anything over any trouble or issue. Hotmail is the platform or the webmail service which provides each and every important service to the users. In today’s world when there is nothing possible without being connected to the peeps. Hotmail at the sapiens side in any emergency. There might be several problems which can be generated while creating the hotmail account or while sending the important files, documents or the links of the videos or other documents files. Hotmail is the safest to use as it is owned by World’s most reliable and trustworthy software company that is Microsoft. It is easily accessible and the multi-task webmail service. Providing the one drive option to save our all documents and all the pictures. Drive is one of the best option provided to the users.

“Hotmail Support” the best for the users and the best customer service

Yes, we have to be really thankful to the customer care service from hotmail. Every single issue is generated while operations and functions on hotmail. It is the support from the Hotmail provided in the name of hotmail support or the hotmail Customer service. Since its introduction to the general people and after its ownership by Microsoft it has been updated from day to day to provide the best customer services to the people. Hotmail is the finest and the most trusted email service which has been trusted by millions of people. It is totally free of cost and the hastle free one to contact the customer service from hotmail. It is not being charged anything from the customers. The customer service is absolutely free from the Hotmail.

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