McAfee Customer Service Phone Number

McAfee Customer Service Phone Number

Ask your technical queries with Mcafee technical support assistants

Whether you’re an IT professional or a common person, many of us must have heard about McAfee. Well, this is antivirus software that is installed on the computer system and another device to protect them from any sort of virus threats. Because of virus attacks on your system, you can lose your important documents and files. This diagnostic software makes sure that your device is protected by scanning your system for various malicious threats including Trojans, and unwanted programs and malware. The installation of this software requires a few steps and then you’re good to go. With the help of McAfee customer service, the users can get their technical glitches solved immediately.

Though installation and scanning are easy with this antivirus, you may need technical assistance in case of some urgency. If you get stranded with such kind of technical problems then make sure to contact our techies. Ring on the McAfee phone number to avail quick technical support from certified professionals.

What features come with the installation of Mcafee?

  • It can scan your PC in full, custom or quick mode for removal of any kind of threat.
  • Users can perform schedule scanning which means they can set the scan timing.
  • With this software, you’ll get the advantage of anti-spam that helps in stopping the junk mail or phishing on your inbox. 
  • The Firewall protection to your PC against hackers.
  • Users will also get the feature of Real-Time Scanning which will scan the programs, email, and files whenever you use PC. If you have any confusion in understanding these features then simply give a call on the McAfee number.
  • With the Anti-Theft feature, you’ll be able to lock the files so that one gets to them.
  • QuickClean is also an added feature through which you can easily improve the performance of the PC by deleting the unnecessary files.

Reliable tech support from the technical team

When a user starts using Mcafee, he/she might get some issues in its installation, renewal or re-installation. One of the most common queries that users get is how to get a refund from McAfee. In such kind of critical situation, it’s necessary to get connected with a reliable technical team that can provide you all the solutions to ease your work.

We’re having a technical team of professionals who provide instant and effective McAfee help in solving your technical glitches. Our Mcafee support service allows the users to call, sit back to your place and just relax as all your issues will be troubleshot over the phone call only.

My Mcafee not opening on the PC after downloading, what to do now?

After downloading the McAfee Anti-Virus on your PC if it’s not opening then try out these troubleshooting steps provided by our McAfee support team:

  • It can be caused because of improper installation. At first, you’ll need to remove the excess files from the system. 
  • After this, try fixing the problem by reinstalling the McAfee software.
  • For this, start the process by uninstalling the McAfee and then re-install it.
Why am I unable to download and install Mcafee antivirus to PC or Mac?

Just contact a team of technical experts to avail McAfee tech support and get the quick McAfee customer service related to downloading. These steps of downloading will help you:

To install the first time to a Mac or computer system

  • Start the installation process and then choose the device type for installation. 
  • Now, click on the Download option.
  • Before proceeding, go through the License Agreement and then accept it.
  • Just note down the serial number which you’ll need later in the downloading process.
  • After this, follow all the mentioned instructions to install the software.
To install to Mac or computer system from a different device

Many times user wonder- Does McAfee have a phone number? You can get assistance from the experts by contacting the helpline number. They’ll guide the users with all [ossible solutions and instructions on the phone call. To download the software on your device from a different device, follow these steps:

  • Use the primary computer to start the process and then
  • After that, you need to click on “My Account”.
  • Just Sign In and then mention your email address and then the password for the McAfee account.
  • Make sure to tap on login.
  • Now, just send the download link to another computer and then move your mouse to the ‘my account’ option
  • Go to the Subscriptions and then choose ‘Add Device’ 
  • You need to mention the operating type of the system- Mac or Windows
  • No, send the link.
  • Go to your secondary computer and then open an email
  • Select and open an email from McAfee.
  • Tap on the download link and then follow the prompts to start the download process

To talk to the technical representatives about the technical glitches, contact on the McAfee customer service phone number which is available around the clock.

What will happen when my McAfee antivirus subscription runs out?

When the subscription of the antivirus expires, users think how much does it cost to renew McAfee. After the end of the subscription, you’ll no longer be able to download any virus definition files or new updates. If you don’t know anything about the renewal process of the license then you must visit Apart from this, seek the technical support of active and certified professionals to eliminate your technical woes.

Want help in McAfee subscription for free? Talk to our experts.

How do I renew my McAfee subscription for free- is a common technical question that users ask after subscription closure? Renewal can be done with the help of a product key. Follow these given instructions to renew McAfee antivirus subscription for free:

  • The foremost step is to visit the McAfee® antivirus and then open the ‘My accounts’
  • Tap Sign-in and after that mention your registered email address.
  • Enter the password and go to “My Account” Option
  • From the options, choose your subscription plan
  • After that, tap on McAfee® Renew
  • Follow instructions, enter the billing details and then click on confirm button

If you still have any queries about the McAfee antivirus and want to know how can I contact McAfee by phone then dial the all-time reachable helpline number.