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All Nippon Airways: Know About Us Before Fly

All Nippon Airways (ANA) is a Japanese airline, located at Toky Narita International Airport (NRT) and Haneda Airport (HND). ANA offers both domestic as well as international flights and serves diverse destinations from countries across Europe, Asia, North America and Oceania. Moreover, the airline flies to more than 120 destinations all across the globe. It is the largest airline in Japan by revenues and of the number of passengers carried. As of March 2016, it had more than 20,000 employees.

All Nippon Airways was founded as Nippon Helicopter in 1952, providing helicopter flights services only. liIn 1955, the ANA received its first jet airliner (Douglas DC-3) and rebranded as All Nippon Airways in the years following. The airline expanded its domestic route network over the next three decades and launched its first international flights in 1986 with a flight from Tokyo to Guam.

In addition to its mainline operations, All Nippon Airways controls diverse subsidiary passenger carriers, including its regional flight system, Air Nippon, ANA Wings and contract flattop. The main hubs of ANA for international travel are Narita International Airport and Kansai International Airport. For domestic travel, main hubs are the Tokyo International Airport and Osaka International Airport.

Baggage Allowance:

Carry-on Baggage Allowance for International Flights:

Each passenger can bring one piece of bag with them when boarding. The baggage must be of a total maximum weight of 10kg, and should have total linear dimensions of no more than 115cm, where the length of each side should not exceed 55cm x 40cm x 25cm (22 in x 16 in x 10 in), including straps, handle and wheels.

Domestic Flights

Each passenger can bring one baggage with them while boarding the aircraft. The total maximum weight should be 10KG. For aircraft with 100 seats or more, the luggage must have total linear dimensions of 115cm (45", and for aircraft with less than 100 seats, the total linear dimensions of the bag must be no more than 100cm (39").

Checked Baggage Allowance With Nippon Airways:

International Flights: In Economy Class including Premium Economy passengers can carry up to 2 pieces of free checked bags with total linear dimensions per item of no more than 158cm, including straps, wheels and handle. Maximum weight of free checked bags per Economy Class passenger is 23kg.

Business Class: In this, passengers can bringup to 2 pieces with total linear dimensions per item of no more than 158cm, including straps, wheels and handle. Maximum weight of free checked bags per Business- Class traveler is 32kg per piece.

First Class: In this first class,up to three pieces bags with total linear dimensions per item of no more than 158cm, including straps, wheels and handle. Passengers can carry maximum weight of free checked bags per First Class passenger is 32kg (70 lb) per piece.

Domestic Flights With Nippon Airways:

Economy Class: There are no restrictions on the number of pieces of luggage for Japanese domestic flights. However, the weight of Economy Class passenger luggage is free to a maximum of 20kg.

Premium Class: There are no restrictions on the number of luggage bags for Japanese domestic flights. The weight of Premium Class travel bags is free to a maximum of 40kg, and linear dimensions of each item should not be more than 203cm.

What are the different way of Check-In Information

Online Check-In Passengers flying with All Nippon Airways can check-in online prior to 24 hours before departure. Online check in will allow passengers to do such things that make an All Nippon Airways seat reservation and keep up to date with the advanced flight info. For more info, visit the All Nippon Airways online website and on the check-in page to complete the online check-in process. Moreover, passengers can visit the general online check-in page for further information.

Airport Check-In Travelers who have not completed online check-in, can do at the airport. To complete airport check-in, visit an All Nippon Airways check-in counter at the airport and you can also contact ANA customer support team. In addition to this, please remember this, different airports have different check-in opening and closing details, so be sure to check on the ANA official website to see what time you need to reach at the airport.

What are the benefits of traveling in Economy Class?

Economy class travelers can enjoy a comfortable journey from the very beginning that they take off to the moment when they land. Customers in economy class will also enjoy foods, meals or snacks, depending on the length of your flight. Moreover, travelers can also receive diverse amenities such as pillows, blankets, stationery, etc.

On long-haul flights, customers have a personal entertainment system like in-seat USB, touch-screen seatback TV, power charging ports, free Wi Fi internet access and also allow customers to charge their personal devices.

The seats of economy Class are designed in this way to give extra space and comfort. The best part is that the seat’s shell design allows customers the ability to recline without bothering the travelers sitting behind you.

What are the benefits of traveling in Premium Economy?

Passengers who travel in Premium Economy class can enjoy extra space and additional comfort which is best for greater relaxation and enhanced service.

Premium Economy gives travelers high class amenity kits, from a standard pillow and blanket to slippers, magazines, toothbrush, free Wi Fi, eye masks and earplugs. Food will also be from a more premium menu inclusive of a carefully planned food and drinks service.

The seats of Premium Economy give a spacious 96 cm pitch which is designed for greater legroom. The offered seats also have recline and have an adjustable headrest. In this, seats also have a power port, USB port, personal adjustable light in which intensity can be customized and personal entertainment system.

What are the benefits of traveling in Business Class?

Business class has various advanced benefits like it is a diverse, luxurious cabin. In this, travelers can choose to get a good sleep on the airline's lie-flat bed. they can also catch up on work with their own personal workspace.

The following facilities are also provided in Business Class. In this, travelers get access to the free entertainment system from their personal 18-inch screen which is complete with provided noise-cancelling headphones. Customers will also receive amenity kits consisting of a premium class pillow and blanket, and a kit full of items to keep them refreshed, like face wash, lotions, face pack, creams, a toothbrush, eye mask, deo, and earplugs. Snit wear and handkerchief are also available for passenger’sfree rental. Travelers will also enjoy a fine dining experience that is inspired by Japanese or Western cuisine.

Seats….??? Business seats vary depending on what flight you are in. In Most of the flights, beds have the ability to lie-flat like a bed means travelers can relax and sleep comfortably. In this, seats are arranged in a staggered format means every seat has direct aisle access.

What are the benefits of traveling in First Class?

Are you traveling in first class? Here are lots of luxurious things to watch. The First Class cabin is at the height of magnificence, with customers receiving ultimate in-flight experience with large space, privacy and comfort.

What does First Class Include?

In this, travelers will be offered noise-cancelling headphones. There is also a large adjustable dining table with a cocktail table for every passenger to be able to enjoy the first-class dining experience. There are also storage compartments for passengers to keep the clothes or bags you may wish to keep away for your flight. In addition to this, the enclosure for First Class travelers has doors, so customers have the right to choose to remain private and enjoy their own personal space. In this, seats also include power charging points, with USB slots.

Note: Passengers can also enjoy a hassle free check-in service, eliminating regular queues at the airport.

Does First Class Facilities Have a First Class Lounge? There is an All Nippon Airways lounge at Haneda and Narita International Airports. They also provide customers with a full-course dining experience, comparable to that in a top-rated restaurant.

All Nippon Airways Customer Service When it comes to client handling and maintaining strong relations with customers, All Nippon Airways is considered to be among the best from all across the globe. You can ask the status of your All Nippon Airways flight, may know the refund rules and policies, may know how to reschedule flights, and seek other flight-related info whenever you want! For more information, you can contact our Customer Support Number.

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