Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The privacy of our clients is of prime importance to us hence we make sure to protect their information by every means. If you are providing any sensitive information to us then we will keep that information to us only. If you want to know how we use the information of our clients then you will get all the necessary information here. It is important to provide your basic information on this website to further use our services. If you are accepting the practices and information on our website then only you will be able to use our Website. Generally, we will ask for the personal information of customers that is used to provide the service. Apart from this, our website also asks for your payment information.

Personal Information:

Personal information is the basic requirement of any website to know the background of the customer. Similarly, you have to provide our complete name, email address, and contact number so that we can remember you as our customer. Also, our server will automatically fetch your domain name, IP Address, browser name, and operating system for regulating traffic. This will also help us to know where you have got the reference to our website.

We work simultaneously with multiple third parties websites and share your data with them. We also use cookies and other analogous identifiers, to collect the data of users for tracking and advertising. Additionally, if you willingly want to provide any information on our website then you can submit that to us via our Website. our website will only use your contact information to communicate with you about new products and services. Moreover, we will also inform you regarding the changes in the privacy policy.

Protecting Information:

Monktech generally follows industry standards when it comes to protecting the information of the clients. We use appropriate data collection and storage techniques that protect our employees to access your information in an unauthorized manner.

Moreover, we also use a cookie to keep the record and track the online activities of customers. This will enable us to know their choice and requirements. Further, we use that information to provide lucrative offers.

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