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United Airlines

United Airlines: The Reasonable Way To Fly High

United Airlines - United States of America (USA) based airline company is the largest airline network in the world. The main purpose of United Airlines is ‘Connecting People and Uniting the World’. They say, ‘We have commitment to build a great experience by providing the series of improvements and innovations’. United Airlines, a founding member of Star Alliance, provides service to 195 countries via around 26 member airlines.

Global Coverage Of United Airlines:

A member of Star Alliance, United Airlines flies to around 375 airports all around the world without a minute break. This arsenal of airports includes approx 75 domestic airports along with destinations in seventy nations. It includes Europe, South America, Oceania, Africa, Asia, and of course, North America. Due to strict adherence to the rules and guidelines, United Airlines has established its reputation in the global world. Also, they put forward award-winning customer service with industry-leading operational & on-time performance.

United Airlines come up with 2 cabin, 3 cabin, and 4 cabin seating arrangements. It includes the Economy, the Economy Plus Class, United Premium Service class, and the Business Class. It also provides its Premium cabin - the luxury of United Club lounge which is used in over 40 airports. For more information, visit the website united.com. You can also connect on social media channels like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

United Airlines Flight tickets Booking:

United Airlines is world’s largest passenger carrier based and provides intricate and sheer airport connectivity domestically & internationally. Flies to more than 370 destinations across 61 countries, United Airlines make frequent weekly trips to major cities in India. With us, you can find the United Airlines Cheap Flights with this airline without having to enter specific destinations.

Why Fly with United Airlines?

Check-in and airport processing times:

To help you prepare for your upcoming flights, we’d like to provide you with proper guidance for arriving and departure. Our main aim is to help you have a stress-free journey, and enjoy at its best. Moreover, you can also get the United Airlines Customer Service and opt for the better guidance regarding the same.

What are the different Check-in options?

There are diverse ways to check in for your flight:

Starting 24 hours before the scheduled departure time, a passenger can check in their flight in the following steps:

  • Go to united.com/check-in
  • Enter your confirmation or e-ticket number and last name
  • Your info will display here. 


  • Open the United app.
  • Click the Check-in box and enter your confirmation or e-ticket number and last name in the required fields.

Note: Online and mobile check-in both are not available for passengers to or from some international airports.

At the departure airport:

When a passenger arrives at the departure airport, he/ she can check in for their flight in the following steps:

  • Visit a self-service kiosk, where passengers can print their boarding pass and check baggage.
  • See a representative at the united airlines check-in counter.
  • At the airport, passengers can also check their bags by using one of the ticket counter kiosks.

For travel outside the USA, one can scan their passport by using the united app or visiting an airport kiosk. If he/ she previously scanned the passport for international travel with United, he/ she will be eligible to check in.


If a passenger's destination country requires a visa, a spokesperson at the airport will be required to verify visa information.

Minimum Required Times For Check-In And Checking Baggage:

For most flights, passengers will need to abide by the following rules:

For most United- and United Express-operated international flights, passengers must check in at least 60 minutes prior to departure.

For United- and United Express-operated flights within the U.S., passengers must check in at least 30 minutes prior to departure.

For flights to or from Micronesia and the Marshall Islands, passengers must check in at least 90 minutes prior to departure. It is eligible regardless of whether or not they are checking baggage.

For United- and United Express-operated flights within the U.S., passengers must check in at least 45 minutes prior to departure. Make use of the United Airlines Customer Service Number if you want to get the more information.

Before you travel, we advise you to check the Important Notices page on United Airlines Website. Here, you will see if there are any updates or notices affecting your departure or arrival airport. Doing so will surely help you to plan for extra time if required.

Baggage Allowance & Fees:

Passengers are entitled to carry 1 personal article and 1 standard article, but both not weighing more than 10kg. There are various charges for passengers wishing to reach diverse destinations. Highest free checked baggage is 23kg, so any weight more than 23kg is chargeable. Additionally, you can make use of the United Airlines Phone Number for the better help.

  • The following list of items which you cannot carry:
  • Corrosive
  • Inflammable liquids and solids
  • Sharp instruments
  • Aerosols
  • Explosives 
  • Firearms and compressed gases.

Booking Fees: It is completely free to make your United Online Booking. However, there are diverse service prices in addition to any changes to the rates of your total fare. If you want to make changes to your booking, do cancel a flight or purchase a new ticket. Prices do vary according to diverse factors such as which country you are in and how flexible your booking is.

World Class Dining in the Sky: Travelers traveling in the United Flights more than 2 hours receive complimentary non-alcoholic beverages and can purchase snack boxes. And the flights which are more than three hours, travelers are offered selections such as salads and sandwiches. We offer enhanced offers no matter where you fly in a trouble-free manner.

Entertainment: Get free live television, news and movies on all flights with the aid of the Direct-TV. It simply means you can cheer while you travelling and stay up to date with the music, news etc.

Comfort and Luxurious Seating:

There are 4 classes of service on the flight which includes

  • United First
  • United Business First
  • Economy Plus and
  • United Economy

United First:

In this, travelers are entitled to priority check-ins, easily baggage handling and boarding. On long route destinations from India to USA and vice versa, 1 class is branded as Global First. These travelers are able to enjoy lounge access, customized three-course meals, and amenity kits featuring Murad products. In addition to this, they can also enjoy personal video monitors along with fully lie-flat seats. Passengers also have access to the United First Lounge at diverse selected airports.

United Business First:

In this, travelers enjoy almost the same perks but do not have access to the United First lounge at few airports. United Business First travelers on international routes also enjoy complimentary beverage and meal and service. Along with that, they can also leverage fully lie-flat seats, in-seat entertainment systems and on most flights.

United Economy:

On international routes, United Economy passengers enjoy seatback entertainment on selected aircraft, complimentary meals, deserts and non-alcoholic beverage service. Passengers can get alcoholic beverages as complimentary on trans-pacific flights and flights within Asia.

Economy Plus:

In this, travelers can enjoy up to five inches of legroom in the front of the Economy cabin. Rest is the same but if you need help, United Airlines Reservations Phone Number can be the one-stop solution.

Travelling with pets? They provide service with pets

In-cabin pets: Take your furry friend with you on your flight

Domesticated small or baby dogs and cats can travel with passengers in the cabin on most flights within the U.S. (Some restrictions apply)

Pets which aren't eligible to travel in-cabin

PetSafe is the specially designed animal shipping program for transporting pets safely and comfortably on united flights. See the PetSafe page for guidelines and restrictions.

Ready to book travel for your pet!

United Airlines Tickets and Reservations:

United Airlines flights are well known all over the globe. The sheer quality of the flights and the service is something which should be considered the best in the business. United Airlines specializes in planning out international flights for the best client experience.

When it comes to booking a flight on United Airlines without any issue, these are diverse ways. Have a look!

By website:

The website of United Airlines has everything that a client needs in order to book United Airlines Tickets. Travelers can simply register using their contact info such as email address and phone number. Then, move further to select their desired destination(s) and choose the flight as per your timing and convenience.

The United Airlines mobile app – United Airlines has its own mobile app which can be used to perform several activities. Passengers can undertake flight tickets, get the timings for arrivals, departures, get updates, and even get notified about change in any schedules.

Third party associates/partners: Third party websites is another way of ticket booking. Passengers can visit 3rd party ticket booking websites and book their tickets in a very easy manner. The entire process is encrypted securely as the entire process is looked over by United Airlines. The tickets obtained from these websites are authentic and fully functional.

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